Monday, December 24, 2007

Forseen... Unheeded...

Like a premonition, it was in front of me all along… realisation has evaded me once again and the sand continues to fall through my fingers…

I touched the sky filled with rain and heavy cold wind,
and somebody's hand held me,
and I was comfortable for a little bit...
At first I wait, if time goes by again, I will know how to smile.
I erased myself, who wanted things I couldn't get...
Like people say, if this corner is bitter like poison and sweeter than a lover, yes, to me, I wanted you to be my everything...

Living… with eyes wide shut…

Saturday, December 22, 2007


[ cast off those shackles and cut away those ropes ]

Things have happened, and I've realised that living life following every whim of my heart isn't such a bad thing and isn't as crazy as it sounds... well... to me... (other people might still think im crazy but *meh*)

I want to fly to wherever the wind takes me and take off or stay there for as long as I please. There’s no time for waiting anymore, I have to run, I can’t stay here and wait for the world to come to me. I don’t want to, and I can’t get left behind. No, not anymore. I have to see everything with my own eyes and touch it before it crumbles…

With impulse as my reasoning for everything… I wonder if this path that I’m taking will extinguish my own flame, or will it burn everyone around me? Will wanting everything lead me down the road to oblivion? Does that make me selfish? Impulse is the short road to a solution (whether it may be good or bad, right or wrong) but why do I now have so many more questions to ask?

What about responsibility? I’m scared I might get too caught up in my own whirlwind to care enough about the people around me… I want my eyes to become a little wider and to look a little further into the distance… but can I? The bruises all over my legs from walking into things say no… *sigh*

Wanting to soar into the blue vastness and having the ability to navigate through the storm clouds are two different things, but… I’ve grown stronger and I’ve gained a greater insight and understanding. I might not be able to get through them so quickly, I might bear the scars of my battles and sometimes, what I know may not be enough, but I believe I can make it. And besides, even if I don’t, it will be too late for me to realise…
I know, impulse and the absence of rationalisation has been the cause of demise for many… and it might be mine, but ill take my chances and ill be happy in every moment I can.

Even though my questions are plentiful, the one that strikes me most is…
What is life, if you’re only saving it for a rainy day?



my feet have left the ground...

Saturday, December 8, 2007

I can't believe im awake even though i slept at 3 O_o" but i fink that's because my dad barges into my room at 9:30 with a piece of paper that says "pick my lil bro up from chinese school at 11:30!!!" (since last last week noone told me and he waited 2 hours and was crying and last week he waited 1 and a half hours since NOONE REMINDED ME since they all expected me to remember... BIG MISTAKE!!! incompetent lil child here!!! *points to self with BOTH HANDS*) and asks me where he should put the paper and i WAS K.Oed at the time but somehow managed to point to my forehead and he put it there, and i fell into the really light but "not really sleeping" sleep so eventualy i rolled out of bed at 10:30 and im still in disbelieve *rubs eyes* *pinches self* yeh im awake dudes!!! *gasps*

Yesterday at work i practically had to look after a section BY MY SELF *dies* I WAS SUPPOSED TO ONLY BE LOOKING AFTER 2 TABLES!!! but the supervisor sent almost everyone working in my section home at 9pm, and 2 tables turned into 15!!! WTH!!! *dies* and i was running around nonstop @_@" screw weightwatchers man!!! join atruim!!! well ill take solace in the fact that by next thursday... SOMEONE is going to be LOADED BABY!!! muAHhAHAH!!! DBSK CHIGEUM KAGO ISSUH!!! X)

I've just realised how short my days are becoming, especially since work takes up half of it! I haven't gotten round to almost ANYTHING and i can't help but feel a little unproductive... *sigh* korean has been on the backburner for a while and i haven't gone grocery shopping for AGES so that means i havent cooked anything for a long time either, not to mention that my car and room are BOTH covered with a layer of dust 1inch thick. Lecture notes are still piled up in the corner of my room and my car's 5000km service is slowly turning into a 8000km service... I know i can stand being around such imcompleteness but... do i really want to? I want to amount to something...

Well that was an easy way to waste half an hour ^^ off to pick up my lil bro from chinese schoolies so ddobozza peoples!!! X)

Friday, December 7, 2007

On the Verge of Bulimia

I've FINALLY gotten round to posting about buffet night at atrium on wenesday night ^^
Started off with me starving myself the WHOLE DAY (yeh u noe, typical azn style huh? kekeke) were i almost died then when we finally got there my friend got our table 3 carrafes of lemon lime bitters for FREE *YAY* kekekke and off to the dessert section i went and i got every single dessert there!!! *acts proud* but the desserts were SO GAY!!! and to make things worse, when i worked the day after (yesterday) THEY WERE SO MUCH BETTER!!! GAYNESS!!! *bangs head on table* After saving all the desserts, went to get all the entree stuff and god i couldnt be stuffed to peel the prawns man @_@" and then shmoogoo, anthony and me all pushed in with lisa and bae yong jun when we went to get mains but everything looked so... unappetising =P Caroline came by then and she got a speeding ticket!!! *GASPS* omg i didnt noe she loved us THAT MUCH kekekke X) and shmoogoo ended up getting like 20 siew mai ahHAHhaha By the time i finished mains i was kinda full so moving on to the desserts brought me THIS CLOSE to bulimia *bleh* ate so much felt like i was going to puke (sowwies if thats too much info dudes kekeke) and i decided... i NEVER wanna go to buffet EVER AGAIN!!! okies... well... i wouldnt say NEVER ^^"
Shuffled off to (A)LURE after and i kinda like it more than MINQ kekkeke maybe cuz its brighter and not so dark and velvety ^^" but they are both really kool!!! Chilled there for a little while then anthony and his sis and her frend left and caroline couldnt come to karaoke since she had work the next day =( so that left mishi, bae yong jun, lisa, shmoogoo and me to get our own party started and we got parking right infront of gelare *YAY* ^^v but i was kinda tired and i stole shmoogoo's corner in the karaoke room muHAhAHhA was a damn good corner too X) MIAHNAE SHMOOGOO X) then we went home at around 1ish XD
Sowwies boring post today guys =P but here are some photos from the buffet ^^
Ugh! yucky dessert man!
Bae Yong Jun and Lisa Lovin' at the table *wink*
Anthony with his gangster pose kekeke ^^
Me and some innocent looking lil kiddy i saw at the buffet and i convinced him to take a photo with me yeh... pedophilia HAhaHha
Me and Caroline Camwhoring
and some more camwhoring
and some MORE cam whoring
Bae Yong Jun was kind enough to drop in from korea from his hectic schedual to dine with us X)
WHOA!!! talk about TWO TIMING!!!
Mishi wishi why u look so sleepy ah??? ^^

An Eventful Day...

Today turned out like one of those lolliebags you get when you go to a birthday party, all full of random stuff. There's the GOOD stuff the parents buy so they dunt look TOO stingy and the SUPER CHEAP yucky stuff that they buy from red dot or something to try and save money...


Then i went to work which started at 6pm and when i stepped out of my car the realisation that i WORE THE WRONG SHOES TO WORK HIT ME!!! i was wearing my silver ballerina shoes @_@""" so i changed and went to find the supervisor and he let me go ALLLLLLLL the WAY BACK HOME to change my shoes and wen i got back it was 6:50pm already @_@""" and then it turned out to be FREEKING BUSY LIKE HELL but i didnt mind kekekke made time pass by quickly and FOR ONCE i got to stay back until CLOSING TIME!!! *YAY* so i stayed until 12 and the supervisor said dont worry about when i came late and wrote down i started at 6pm on the timesheet!!! *YAYYY* And during work, some i accidentally stepped on the shoe of one of the guys who worked at atruim and and he smacked my butt!!! @_@"""

So that was the end of my eventful day... and i was going to blog about yesterday's buffet but im too tired so 2molo okies??? X)

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Change is something I'm usually not keen on... I like the securtity of knowing that when I look back, everything is in its place. Even though I've become a DBSK fanatic, my fandom still hasn't given me the will to pull down those Nicholas Tse posters I put up so many years ago, and I wouldn't know how to eat dinner at home if i didn't eat with the same type of spoon everynight. Call me crazy but everything has its own place in my room, my life, my heart... Collecting things is easy, and it's letting go that's not so simple. I'm clinging on to all the things I know and have but what will I do when it's time for me to step up and into the real world?

Hmmm... It's amazing how washing my bed sheets turned into such philosophy... It's only that pulling up the sheets messed up all the pillows, JUST when everything shuffled around and found its place. And now that it's bed time, I've begun to feel
s l i g h t l y sentimental... *sniff* well hopefully when i wake up everything would have reshuffled back, and I'm back to my normal self kekkeke...

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

sand up my pants =P

Yesterday i got to see shmoogoo's DOGGIES!!! XD AwWwWWw!!! SO CUTE!!! like WHITE FLUFF BALLS!!! IM IN LOVE!!! I WANNA TAKE DEM HOME!!! ARGH!!! I WANT A DOG!!! mizu was scared of me *sad face* but atleast zuki liked me XD after patting them i fink i turned into a fluff ball myself O_o" and me and shmoogoo headed off to cottesloe!!! erms... the people driving behind me must've thought i was on drugs or something cuz all they wouldve seen was my hands throwing the fluff out of the sunroof ^^"

Was kinda windy and after casing out the joint, we found somewhere to dump our stuff and shmoogoo went to swim while i was... f r o l i c k i n g (caroline's word) along the shore ^^ but then i ended up getting all wet so frolick turned into swimming, which i havent done since new year's day but the water was actually REALLY NICE!!! even though the wind was cold *YAY* Then shmoogoo went to sunbake since he's so white and all... but i fink the sun would've prolly bleached him anyways so... NOOOOOO BINGOOOOO ^^

When ur at the beach u HAVE to dig a massive hole and cover SOMEONE up so...

UGH!!! so NOT KOOL!!! i SPENT SOOO LONG trying to cover him up and he gets up like he's just woken up from bed *sigh*

My turn!!! kekeke my first time getting buried in sand O_o"

Checking out the scenery, we were confronted with 2 dudes in what appeared to be their underwear and to make matters WORSE, one or the guy's was WHITE *DIES* and the other dude's was red and somehow... those 2 running down the beach together seemed... oh i dunno... SO GAYYYYYY!!! and dunt get me started when those 2 started going swimming!!! *DIES AGAIN*

By then, the cold and wind was starting to take its toll and i was starving since i never at lunch so shmoogoo test drove my car to freo to get fish and chips (which i havent eaten since i was a lil kid) and WHAT?!?!? my car handles OKAY ONLY!??!?! *DIES for the third time* if anyone is looking for me... ill be in the corner with my hands over my ears and rocking back and forth in foetal position pretending i SO DIDNT HEAR THAT!!!
My super HAPPY fish and chips ^______^v

shmoogoo's errr... emo fish and chips...

After we went back to shmoogoo's house and i got to PLAY WITH HIS DOGGIES AGAIN!!! *YAYYYYYYYY* and this time mizu liked me!!!!!!!! *YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY* SO CUTEEEEEEEEE!!! *PAT PAT PAT PAT PAT PAT PAT PAT AWAYYYYYYYYY* then we played big2 and i had the BESTEST CARDS EVER!!! *does victory dance* but then shmoogoo hell kicked me in memory @_@" ahhh wells XD To finish off a long day, o2jammed the night away until i was so tired i could've almost fell asleep on my keyboard and dribbled all over it and electrocuted myself X)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

more of a kid than usual ^^

YES!!! my pet miao miao's happiness meter if FINALLY FULL!!! MuAHhAhaH!!! so that means enough people have come to my blog and he has eaten enough food to be FULLY happy!!! *YAY* moving on...

Despite the weather forcast, off i went kite flying with my kite i made in year... 8 or 9 (YEH! i still had it!!! ^^v) and my jae joongie shirt (JAE JOONG LUV IS ENDLESS!!! kekeke) and maybe i should've listened to the weather man *shifty eyes* kekeke well...
Here i am all wet and cold

Poor Kim and her cute lil woof woof met up with me and shmoogoo while it was raining ^^" so she didnt stay for long but MY KITE WAS AWSOME!!!

It was SO HIGH kekkeke and DONT TELL ME U CANT SEE IT!!! U HAVE TO!!! SQUINT DAMMIT SQUINT!!! its that little dot up in the sky X) *hint: its the lil dot between the tree and the blue patch of sky slightly left of centre of the photo!!! SQUINT HARDER DAMMIT!!!
So this was shmoogoo and kent trying to fly his kite

And this was ACTUALLY how high his kite flew

Some how i knew my homemade kite made from satay sticks and plastic bag would be more FAR more superior *insert evil laugh, thunder and lightning here*

Kent's FIRST time flying a kite *GASPS*

So after shmoogoo tangled me up in the kite string for the millionth time while i was STILL ACTUALLY flying the kite(see the string is still tight!), kent went home and i was left with free roam of the ENTIRE PLAYGROUND!!! MUAHhAHA!!! *rubs hands with glee*
First stop, seeing how far we could throw gumnuts into my pond, and once again, my throw was far more superior than shmoogoo's, who threw like a girl *shifty eyes* OKAY!!! THIS time i lied... it was the opposite... *hangs head in shame* and i resorted to throwing gumnuts at the ducks instead =__=" but they didnt even FLY AWAY!!! how... NOT... dramatic... i mean if IIIIIII was a duck and some annoying kid did that to me, i'd stab them!!! WHAT!?!?! dont look at me like dat!!! POLICE CANT ARREST DUCKS!!! see??? u have to use ur logiccc
Next stop, some huge thing that looked like a spider web. So of course you have to sing the spider pig song for added effect, and the top was like a hammock WHOAAA!!! i could sleep there all day! After i went on the swings where my butt was too big to fit in the swing designed for a 3 year old, so naturally when shmoogoo pushed me really high into the air i flew off and landed RIGHT ON MY @$$!!! So i finally learnt my lesson... and then i went on the other swing that was a tyre and i never felt more like a ping pong ball since shmoogoo pushed me and i was boucing off the poles and got spun around until i was super dizzy ahhahha dat was fun ^^v then went on the springy see saw thing where i bounced so much my butt hurt kekkeke and i played in the pirate ship that was full of sand but that was SO BORING!!! But I think my childhood spirit has been rekindled ^^

Then i had to go to work and i was 45 mins LATE @_@" cuz i didnt realise there was the Veronica's concert going on... ARGH had to park at belmont racecourse... SO ANNOYING!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

i love all things DBSK!!!

I've been checking outside my front door every morning since the beginning of the week... why?!?! WHY!??!?!
As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words...




it came with a special photo thingy thats kinda transparent...

TOOK ITS SWEET TIME GETTING TO MY DOOR!!! FINALLY got it today kekeke so... of course i had to do some last minute cam whoring with the shirt before dashing off to work X)

And the shirt goes so well with my XIAH earrings X)

Now if only i had my yunho necklace... kekekke

Moving on to other things... HAD THE BEST FOOD TODAY at WORK!!! i was STARVINGGG as usual... seeing as i dunt have time to eat dinner before i go to work and i dunt eat at at the cafeteria even tho ITS FREE *sigh* i dont want eat by myself... its just too lonely... but today was just my luck!!! *wink* We got chicken and roast beef and more chicken and lamb curry and ice cream and roast pumpkin and crab (dammit its too hard to eat so i didnt =P) and the left over breadrolls and cheesecake and chocolate cake *drools* man that was SOME FREEKING GOOD CAKE!!! so... caroline... are u HUNGRY yet??? kekekke i must say... i really luv my job X)

I thought today i was handling things better than i had been... turns out... it was just the quiet before the storm... and i was wrong... i didnt handle it at all... i was so so wrong...

Friday, November 30, 2007


*YES!* I MADE IT!!! im so proud of myself XD i've managed to drag this blog out of the 5th post dead end ^^v *does victory dance* let's hope this doesn't spell the end for this blog's good fortune tho X) AJA! AJA HWAITING!!! (shmoogoo im SOOO going to quiz u on that word later! so palli mogo ^^v)

Hrms... havent blogged for a few days... i've forgotten what i've been up to...

On Wenesday... i got into the O2JAM groove at yee yang's house (oh god! i can feel the onset of nolifenecrosis! *screams*) then shmoogoo finished his exams so we went to celebrate, since everyone else was too busy to join *sad face* (LONER'S ARE KOOL OKAY?!?! STOP LAUGHING!!!) >_<" kekekke Parked on a really pretty street lined with those autumnal trees then viet food turned into moon cafe and they have this GIGANTIC FAKE CLOCK that was all red and emo O_o" (but kool! keke) oh yah we got busted cuz i bought a cake for shmoogoo and we were eating it and APPARENTLY its against their policy to let people eat food other than their own O_o" well MY policy is to whack that chick over the head!!! *shakes fist* (OH! SO VIOLENT FEL!!!) well... no... im not like that... REALLY *smiles sweetly* then... we went to timezone where i cant play ddr on the machines for nuts and got bubbletea at utopia and after walking up and down the same street trying to decide wat to do... we ended up going karaoke and cost only $8 for 2 hours X) *yay* jeez time went by really fast it was 12 by the time we finished O_o" then when i got home i spent the rest of the time trying to get o2jam to work on my comp but it DIDNT!!! DAMMIT!!! i was so knackered by then, i went to sleep ^^

Yesterday i FINALLY got O2JAM up and running, cuz as i suspected, yee yang didnt give me the ACTUAL GAME *evils yee yang* (JUST JOKING LAH!!! kekeke saranghae yee yang!!! ^^) so i had to dld it. O2JAMMED until i had to go to work and i got 2ND TIP TODAY muAHhaHHA $1.10!!! i got... $1.75 last time... so that brings the total to $2.85!!! WOOHOO!!! We had new supervisor today, actually he was the guy that made edmond's and my cocktail last time we all went to spice lounge and i asked him if he still remembered how to make an emond's cocktail and he DID!!! thats so KOOL!!! X) i also FINALLY got my name tag and swipey card, ROCK ON!!! When i got hope... *hangs head* O2JAMMED!!! (i hope it doesnt turn chronic O_O") then sleepy byes ^^

When i woke up today... got breakfast and then... *shifty eyes* O2JAMMED!!! ARGH!!! now that im actually BLOGGING about it i see how bad this o2jam thing SOUNDS *screams* okies NO MORE!!! *shakes head* well i think thats al folks! X) Going back to O2JA... WASH THE CLOTHES!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

miss noelle already *sad face* ="(

So this is my 5th post, and my last 2 blogs never made it past their 5th post, so... if i dunt blog again... *shifty eyes*

Shmoogoo woke me up 9 something in the morning =___=" So early! But somehow I managed to get ready and out of the house by 11:20 *YAY* i hope my punctuality is improving X) then we caught the bus to city and met up with sporty chick, noelle! We went to dimsum at GOLDEN CENTURY *gasps* RICH PEOPLES PLACE!!! Which I havent been to since i was like 8 ^^ me and noelle ate butterfly clam *does the clam hand action* things kekeke then we met up with caroline and bought apple strudel from corica *drools* I love bakeries! There's something about the fusion of art and food... X) then noelle had to leave *cries* HOPE U HAVE FUN NOELLE!!! I LUV U!!! *does heart shape with the arms*

Made our way to the city where we scoped out the new train terminal! Reminded me of sg kekeke and i think it made the day for all of us X) then caroline met up with long, and at first, i was only JOKING about leaving them alone but shmoogoo's hotel room darts thing and the whip thing got to me and i burst out laughing like a maniac ^^" so i think it was best i left anyways because i think caroline prolly wanted me DEAD right THERE and THEN *runs off* SOWWIES CAROLINE!!! PLEASE FORGIVE ME >_<"

So me and shmoogoo walked aimlessly around the city, and after a while, ended up in myers where i wanted to pick out the PINKEST shirt and hotest hot pants for shmoogoo, but what do i get in return!?!? "UH, CAN U LIKE NOT?" *bangs head on table* kekeke awWWw i can always try X) then somehow we ended up playing guitar hero upstairs, where shmoogoo was pro and aiks... im so noob but i want it!!! *grab grab* SO FUN! X) then we caught bus back to murdoch uni and waited at my house for bae yong jun to get back to his, so i could pick up my ddr, and shmoogoo could be reunited with his lov... i mean... friend ^^ MY DBSK BLANKET CAME TODAY!!! *YAY* SO MUCH LOVE!!!
*YUNHO LUV* : "this pose is good for blocking wind" - OH YUNHO! ur such a big luvable dork *hUgZ* X)
and now... *MY LUV FOR DBSK* kekeke ^^
Stayed at bae yong jun's house for a while where they were showing off their pro piano skills ^^v then went to church where today we got really yummy food and met a lot of new peoples kekeke well... *yawns* thats the end of my long day X) i had so much fun kekeke and now im sad cuz i have work 2molo X_x" i dont want to go!!! *sulks* but for DBSK... i WILL!!! *does heroic clenched fist pose* HWAITINGGG!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

MisHi STILL looks HOTTTT in Long's Shoes

Yesterday I rushed off to garbo for some last minute shopping for an outfit for mishi's party and I managed to find a black dress at dotti but it was $70 *sigh* (its okay! im working 5 days a week starting from tomorrow ^^") then got a phone call from my brother saying I was supposed to pick my other lil bro up from chinese class O_o" but the onli thing was he finished at 11:30 and it was almost 1:30!!! WTH!!! COMMUNITCATION PEOPLES!!! So by the time i picked him up he'd been waiting 2 hours and been crying *smacks other brother over the head* NICE ONE!!! THANK GOD the principle saw him else she would've locked him up inside the school!!! X__x" My poor baby... =(

Then by some miracle, i managed to find my way to ice skating *YAY* Lisa weesa, shmoogoo, bae yong jun and anthony and his bro were already there, and everything was fine until i fell... and fell again... and AGAIN!!! @_@" the last one was the HUGEST STACK EVER! i have the gigantic bruise the size of a tennis ball on my knee to prove it! Noticed some sparks flying over the ice *wink* bae yong jun was skating backwards and shmoogoo was holding his hands to make sure he didnt fall!!! EVERYONE, say it with me now!!! "AWwWwwWwW... how romantic!" kekeke @^-^@

Well i think today has been one full of miracles. The dress, driving to ice skating and now, i GOT READY by 7pm!!! *gasps* picked up sexy caroline and stopped off at bae yong jun's house for pre-drinks! and now i can vouch for the fact lisa looks hot in pj's X) dusted off the ddr again and went to pick shmoogoo up from uni and then the BDAY GIRL finally came!!! HAPPY BIFDAY MISHI WISHI!!! X)
The drinking games and poker were relatively short lived but somehow me and lisa turned out looking like splotchy red tomatoes X_x" i fink we left for metros at about 12ish and simone was driving. I think bae yong jun's bathroom and simone's car is where we've done some of our best karaoke X) FOREVERrRrrrRRrRR LOvEEEEEEEE!!!
I must say took me a LONG time (no... that WASNT a joke referring to caroline, but now that ive noticed... *grins at caroline*) to get into the clubbing mood but... hyper mishi + long's shoes = FUN! ekkeke u have to see her dance! its so cute!!! ^^ It was las vegas night or something and 3 guys did a "casino royale" dance routine and somehow me and simone ended up fighting over the guy dancing on the left AHhAhAHA now that i fink about it... he didnt look korean to me *shifty eyes* but still, hot dancing and next time, take the shirts fully off please! (now i sound dirty kekekek X_x")... they can never compete with yunho but they can always TRY ekekke
Left metros at around 4:30ish? im not sure but anyways we went to catch a taxi home but the line was HUGE!!! =__=" so to ease the pain of the wait, mishi swapped shoes with long and i swapped with caroline since we were wearing 10cm heels and we both went to get rations to sustain us for the long wait ahead kekekek mishi was so cute, she's tiny and the shoes were massive!!! Came back with 3 huge slices of pizza and chips and FINALLY got a taxi and went home @_@"
Last night... or THIS morning rather (because i can assure u by the time i got home at 5:40AM the birds were singing and the sun was beginning to rise) was OFFICIALLY the latest i've EVER stayed out @_@", and today was the latest i've woken up in a LONGGG time *grins at caroline again* almost 3pm man!!! And now im here, sitting, waiting, blogging... X)

Friday, November 23, 2007

In the wise words of Yee Yang, "what a dayyyyy" =_____="

How come im always writing about the day before =___=" anihoos... so it went like this...
1. *finally wakes up at 12*
2. *gets on msn*
3. mishi wants karaoke and caroline wants beach
4. otokae? *flaps arms around* erms up to u mishi ur da boss *salutes* *scurries off to shower*
5. okies we're going to the beach kekkeke ^^

[ Where the sun meets the sea and the sand ]
Blinded by its beauty... literally... (the sun was so bright i think my eyes half cooked X__x") Played some beach volleyball ^^ yah of course i have to go on the team with cham cuz he is the only person who actually RUNS *gasps* all the rest of us just stand there waiting for the ball to come to momma X) but we had the BEST MATCH ever with 2 vs. 2! i did the koolest backward spike thingy (i 4got my volleyball vocab a LONG time ago ^^") but of course cham is always kooler kekeke and WE WON!!! muAHhahAHA!!!
What can i say? Caroline makes a hot mermaid ekkeke (i will put a pic up as soon as i can) X) Me and yee yang dug a "grave" for her and burried her up and then...

FeL: "what cup size do u want to be caroline?"
Caroline: "D" (so peoples, now u know one of caroline's deepest wishes)
Yee Yang: "okies we will make u a DOUBLE D"

She turned out PRETTY HOT!!! (and WELL ENDOWED) *wink* I really liked the tail that cham did ^^ he even smoothed out the sand around her, what a perfectionist kekeke i think we will get along well X) So how to pay him back with his awsome sand castling skills? BURY HIM TOO!!! I wanted to make sebastian the crab to keep caroline the mermaid company but that was abit hard, and so we decided to make a turtle (after giving him massive cleavage of COURSE) but it turned out more like a round blob because i think we were all kinda tired by then ^^" but i think carrie's bday gang did a better job than us! they spent 2hrs digging a hole 1M DEEP O_+" looked pretty kool! and i couldnt resist, i just HAD to jump in X)
I know school is over, but the word of the day is... (repeat after me) "frolick" caroline makes "getting our feet wet only" seem so much more glamourous ^^v

Got home at around 7:30ish i fink *gah* it was a tiring day and cooked dinner... yangpun BIBIMBAP! YUM! X)

(NOT bopbimbop or bipbombap! *pulls shmoogoo's and bae yong jun's ear*) I just finished making it and was going to shove the first spoonful into my mouth when *ding dong*... *opens the door* O_O" they actually came to my house! that was surprising ekkekek then... got ready and went to pick up caroline and long and off we went to the spice lounge! (my first time at a bar! *YAY*) Me and edmond got the bartender to whip up something random and even tho edmond's drink was supposed to be "manlier" than my already pink and frothy cocktail, his one turned out even MORE PINK, MORE FROTHY and MORE GIRLIER than MINE!!! So if anyone wants to try that cocktail, its called an "edmond's cocktail" and im serious about that! we made a deal with the bartender X) Then we all shuffled off to MINQ for more chit-chat, to Macca's for late night snack, to the park thingy infront of burswood to eat the macca's and shuffled off home... *sigh* In the wise words of Yee Yang, "what a dayyyyy" but i had fun so that's the only thing that matters at the end of it isn't it? ^^

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bae Yong Jun can DANCE!!! X)

Bae Yong Jun and Shmoogoo looking very cosy there *wink*
So yesterday i sumhow managed to wake up by 10am even tho i stayed up til 3am continually editing my blog for shmoogoo and chuong hahaha ^^"
Dropped by coles for watermelon and cucumber and i was THIS close to buying cumcumber for $2.50 each but i decided to check sumwhere else and it was $1.45!!! AWSOME!!! XD then i found the koolest watermelon and plonked it on the counter, and the lady weighed it and said some very scary words... *clouds come rolling in and thunder crackles* she said... $16.45... *dies* WTH!?!??! ARE U SERIOUS!?!??! after i recovered from my shock and picked my chin up off the floor and bought a pre-cut QUARTER of one for like $6.50 but it looked like HALF the size of the one i wanted to buy originally *shifty eyes* SCAMMERS i TELL U!!! *shakes fist* ahhhh... the escapades grocery shopping can bring u... its crazy @_@"

So... with everything i needed... *rolls up sleeves* time to get to work huh??? And im PRO at making a good mess X)
making watermelon + grassjelly drink and tuna salad sushi rolls ^^
Almost finished with the tuna salad sushi rolls :
Well im happy with how it turned out ^^ looked like the picture from the blog i got it off X) and i even made it to karaoke on time kekeke ^^v so after some much needed karaoke off to edmond's house where we all ate yummy food that everyone made, followed by PIANO!!! all the guys were so PRO!!! but... WHY DIDNT ANYONE KNOW LEEHOM OR DBSK!!??!? *sad face* but i guess joe playing AND singing "an jing" made up for it WAHHHH *eyes gleaming* SO KOOL!!! Then came the drinking games *starts laughing* poor anthony and edmond kekeke but then again... glad it wasnt me and im sure all the other girls would second wat i just said ^^v This was followed by DDR (test out how drunk u are kekeke) and i found it funny how the guys were SO much more into it than the girls kekeke... was SO CUTE when 4 guys were playing at once (2 on the mats and 2 were practicing) kekeke and i think bae yong jun found his calling OOOoOOooO got a A in "overblast" and 56 combo!!! was so cute ahhahah luv the arm movements ^^v

So today there's not much to do, so ill just add some more random pics... ^^v

SeKsHiii YuN WuN and Me ^^

i... love... sushi??? kekeke...

MiShiii leg i DBSK-fied ^^v

sushi i made for my lil bro's lunch ^^

Monday, November 19, 2007

firstestest postestestestestest O_O

So... i think this is my 3rd attempt at keeping a blog... *shifty eyes* but im DETERMINED to make it WORK this TIME!!! *heroic pose with clenched fist*

Wat can i say... i think life has been good to me right now *nods* i feel more alive than i have been in a long time ^^ meeting new people and learning new things, my heart doesnt feel so empty.

pic of SHMOOGOO!!!
On saturday, SHMOOGOO, my bowl of seafood went hyper all over msn @_@", but i found the trick to make him obey is to bribe him with SCHMAKOS!!! *dangles schmakos over shmoogoo's head* and by some miracle i had enuff energy to go to metros coming out of that convo because wen u leave the comp for 5 secs to pick up ur fone and come back to 5 pages of NEW shmoogoo spazz, u need ALOT of energy to catch up @_@" now got fetch me my newspaper shmoogoo!!! *shakes fist* kkekek my frend finally convinced me to go clubbing and im glad i did cuz turned out to be the BESTEST CLUBBING TIME I EVER HAD X) no, i didnt drink, i just met a lot of my frends, especially Chuong my ex-calc frend cuz it was his bday also (damn i shouldve shouted him a B151!!!), and they made all the difference ^^ its funni tho, i saw a lot of my work buddies from atruim and most of them... yah i say hi to them and ask them how their exams went, u noe the usual chit-chat u make wen u dont know sumone that well... but at metros wen we all saw each other... TOTALLY DIFFERENT STORY! its like *eye contact*, *super grin* *pointing at each other*, then comes the huge HEYYYYY!!!! and *HUG HUG* hahahah i guess music brings us together ekkekek ^^

Sunday... i went grocery shopping and i was so happy because i found boree cha which i was really desperate for X) and at the counter the total came to $27.30 but my wallet only had $27.25 so i was fishing around in my bag for change but the lady let me off so i SAVE 5 CENTS!!! so if i save 5 CENTS here and ANOTHER 5CENTS THERE, i can go to the 10 CENT STORE!!! and i was so happy and day dreaming about dbsk i drove home only to look in my shopping bag and wonder why 2 cup noodles and a bottle of vinegar cost me $27.25!!! GREATTT! i left the OTHER bag at the counter so i had to drive all the way back to get it and the lady was smiling at me wen i walked in ekkeke then i made kimchi jeon and bulgogi which i really liked how it turned out ^^ but too bad noone was home when they were still warm and crispy *sigh*

Today... i went to 2 different grocery stores all the the name of nashi pear... and no luck... *sob sob* i really wanted to make kalbi jim... =__=" guess they are not in season animore... well... i ended up making mu kimchi (radish) ^^ which i really like atm kekeke and then i went to church with my frends and today was really special because one of my frends was the leader and another one was the chairman, and also because it was my first time i got prayed for, and im very thankful in my heart ^^

Now im looking forward to tomorrow X) which i have the feeling will be another great day life has given to me kekeke