Friday, November 23, 2007

In the wise words of Yee Yang, "what a dayyyyy" =_____="

How come im always writing about the day before =___=" anihoos... so it went like this...
1. *finally wakes up at 12*
2. *gets on msn*
3. mishi wants karaoke and caroline wants beach
4. otokae? *flaps arms around* erms up to u mishi ur da boss *salutes* *scurries off to shower*
5. okies we're going to the beach kekkeke ^^

[ Where the sun meets the sea and the sand ]
Blinded by its beauty... literally... (the sun was so bright i think my eyes half cooked X__x") Played some beach volleyball ^^ yah of course i have to go on the team with cham cuz he is the only person who actually RUNS *gasps* all the rest of us just stand there waiting for the ball to come to momma X) but we had the BEST MATCH ever with 2 vs. 2! i did the koolest backward spike thingy (i 4got my volleyball vocab a LONG time ago ^^") but of course cham is always kooler kekeke and WE WON!!! muAHhahAHA!!!
What can i say? Caroline makes a hot mermaid ekkeke (i will put a pic up as soon as i can) X) Me and yee yang dug a "grave" for her and burried her up and then...

FeL: "what cup size do u want to be caroline?"
Caroline: "D" (so peoples, now u know one of caroline's deepest wishes)
Yee Yang: "okies we will make u a DOUBLE D"

She turned out PRETTY HOT!!! (and WELL ENDOWED) *wink* I really liked the tail that cham did ^^ he even smoothed out the sand around her, what a perfectionist kekeke i think we will get along well X) So how to pay him back with his awsome sand castling skills? BURY HIM TOO!!! I wanted to make sebastian the crab to keep caroline the mermaid company but that was abit hard, and so we decided to make a turtle (after giving him massive cleavage of COURSE) but it turned out more like a round blob because i think we were all kinda tired by then ^^" but i think carrie's bday gang did a better job than us! they spent 2hrs digging a hole 1M DEEP O_+" looked pretty kool! and i couldnt resist, i just HAD to jump in X)
I know school is over, but the word of the day is... (repeat after me) "frolick" caroline makes "getting our feet wet only" seem so much more glamourous ^^v

Got home at around 7:30ish i fink *gah* it was a tiring day and cooked dinner... yangpun BIBIMBAP! YUM! X)

(NOT bopbimbop or bipbombap! *pulls shmoogoo's and bae yong jun's ear*) I just finished making it and was going to shove the first spoonful into my mouth when *ding dong*... *opens the door* O_O" they actually came to my house! that was surprising ekkekek then... got ready and went to pick up caroline and long and off we went to the spice lounge! (my first time at a bar! *YAY*) Me and edmond got the bartender to whip up something random and even tho edmond's drink was supposed to be "manlier" than my already pink and frothy cocktail, his one turned out even MORE PINK, MORE FROTHY and MORE GIRLIER than MINE!!! So if anyone wants to try that cocktail, its called an "edmond's cocktail" and im serious about that! we made a deal with the bartender X) Then we all shuffled off to MINQ for more chit-chat, to Macca's for late night snack, to the park thingy infront of burswood to eat the macca's and shuffled off home... *sigh* In the wise words of Yee Yang, "what a dayyyyy" but i had fun so that's the only thing that matters at the end of it isn't it? ^^

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