Sunday, November 25, 2007

MisHi STILL looks HOTTTT in Long's Shoes

Yesterday I rushed off to garbo for some last minute shopping for an outfit for mishi's party and I managed to find a black dress at dotti but it was $70 *sigh* (its okay! im working 5 days a week starting from tomorrow ^^") then got a phone call from my brother saying I was supposed to pick my other lil bro up from chinese class O_o" but the onli thing was he finished at 11:30 and it was almost 1:30!!! WTH!!! COMMUNITCATION PEOPLES!!! So by the time i picked him up he'd been waiting 2 hours and been crying *smacks other brother over the head* NICE ONE!!! THANK GOD the principle saw him else she would've locked him up inside the school!!! X__x" My poor baby... =(

Then by some miracle, i managed to find my way to ice skating *YAY* Lisa weesa, shmoogoo, bae yong jun and anthony and his bro were already there, and everything was fine until i fell... and fell again... and AGAIN!!! @_@" the last one was the HUGEST STACK EVER! i have the gigantic bruise the size of a tennis ball on my knee to prove it! Noticed some sparks flying over the ice *wink* bae yong jun was skating backwards and shmoogoo was holding his hands to make sure he didnt fall!!! EVERYONE, say it with me now!!! "AWwWwwWwW... how romantic!" kekeke @^-^@

Well i think today has been one full of miracles. The dress, driving to ice skating and now, i GOT READY by 7pm!!! *gasps* picked up sexy caroline and stopped off at bae yong jun's house for pre-drinks! and now i can vouch for the fact lisa looks hot in pj's X) dusted off the ddr again and went to pick shmoogoo up from uni and then the BDAY GIRL finally came!!! HAPPY BIFDAY MISHI WISHI!!! X)
The drinking games and poker were relatively short lived but somehow me and lisa turned out looking like splotchy red tomatoes X_x" i fink we left for metros at about 12ish and simone was driving. I think bae yong jun's bathroom and simone's car is where we've done some of our best karaoke X) FOREVERrRrrrRRrRR LOvEEEEEEEE!!!
I must say took me a LONG time (no... that WASNT a joke referring to caroline, but now that ive noticed... *grins at caroline*) to get into the clubbing mood but... hyper mishi + long's shoes = FUN! ekkeke u have to see her dance! its so cute!!! ^^ It was las vegas night or something and 3 guys did a "casino royale" dance routine and somehow me and simone ended up fighting over the guy dancing on the left AHhAhAHA now that i fink about it... he didnt look korean to me *shifty eyes* but still, hot dancing and next time, take the shirts fully off please! (now i sound dirty kekekek X_x")... they can never compete with yunho but they can always TRY ekekke
Left metros at around 4:30ish? im not sure but anyways we went to catch a taxi home but the line was HUGE!!! =__=" so to ease the pain of the wait, mishi swapped shoes with long and i swapped with caroline since we were wearing 10cm heels and we both went to get rations to sustain us for the long wait ahead kekekek mishi was so cute, she's tiny and the shoes were massive!!! Came back with 3 huge slices of pizza and chips and FINALLY got a taxi and went home @_@"
Last night... or THIS morning rather (because i can assure u by the time i got home at 5:40AM the birds were singing and the sun was beginning to rise) was OFFICIALLY the latest i've EVER stayed out @_@", and today was the latest i've woken up in a LONGGG time *grins at caroline again* almost 3pm man!!! And now im here, sitting, waiting, blogging... X)

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