Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bae Yong Jun can DANCE!!! X)

Bae Yong Jun and Shmoogoo looking very cosy there *wink*
So yesterday i sumhow managed to wake up by 10am even tho i stayed up til 3am continually editing my blog for shmoogoo and chuong hahaha ^^"
Dropped by coles for watermelon and cucumber and i was THIS close to buying cumcumber for $2.50 each but i decided to check sumwhere else and it was $1.45!!! AWSOME!!! XD then i found the koolest watermelon and plonked it on the counter, and the lady weighed it and said some very scary words... *clouds come rolling in and thunder crackles* she said... $16.45... *dies* WTH!?!??! ARE U SERIOUS!?!??! after i recovered from my shock and picked my chin up off the floor and bought a pre-cut QUARTER of one for like $6.50 but it looked like HALF the size of the one i wanted to buy originally *shifty eyes* SCAMMERS i TELL U!!! *shakes fist* ahhhh... the escapades grocery shopping can bring u... its crazy @_@"

So... with everything i needed... *rolls up sleeves* time to get to work huh??? And im PRO at making a good mess X)
making watermelon + grassjelly drink and tuna salad sushi rolls ^^
Almost finished with the tuna salad sushi rolls :
Well im happy with how it turned out ^^ looked like the picture from the blog i got it off X) and i even made it to karaoke on time kekeke ^^v so after some much needed karaoke off to edmond's house where we all ate yummy food that everyone made, followed by PIANO!!! all the guys were so PRO!!! but... WHY DIDNT ANYONE KNOW LEEHOM OR DBSK!!??!? *sad face* but i guess joe playing AND singing "an jing" made up for it WAHHHH *eyes gleaming* SO KOOL!!! Then came the drinking games *starts laughing* poor anthony and edmond kekeke but then again... glad it wasnt me and im sure all the other girls would second wat i just said ^^v This was followed by DDR (test out how drunk u are kekeke) and i found it funny how the guys were SO much more into it than the girls kekeke... was SO CUTE when 4 guys were playing at once (2 on the mats and 2 were practicing) kekeke and i think bae yong jun found his calling OOOoOOooO got a A in "overblast" and 56 combo!!! was so cute ahhahah luv the arm movements ^^v

So today there's not much to do, so ill just add some more random pics... ^^v

SeKsHiii YuN WuN and Me ^^

i... love... sushi??? kekeke...

MiShiii leg i DBSK-fied ^^v

sushi i made for my lil bro's lunch ^^

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