Friday, November 30, 2007


*YES!* I MADE IT!!! im so proud of myself XD i've managed to drag this blog out of the 5th post dead end ^^v *does victory dance* let's hope this doesn't spell the end for this blog's good fortune tho X) AJA! AJA HWAITING!!! (shmoogoo im SOOO going to quiz u on that word later! so palli mogo ^^v)

Hrms... havent blogged for a few days... i've forgotten what i've been up to...

On Wenesday... i got into the O2JAM groove at yee yang's house (oh god! i can feel the onset of nolifenecrosis! *screams*) then shmoogoo finished his exams so we went to celebrate, since everyone else was too busy to join *sad face* (LONER'S ARE KOOL OKAY?!?! STOP LAUGHING!!!) >_<" kekekke Parked on a really pretty street lined with those autumnal trees then viet food turned into moon cafe and they have this GIGANTIC FAKE CLOCK that was all red and emo O_o" (but kool! keke) oh yah we got busted cuz i bought a cake for shmoogoo and we were eating it and APPARENTLY its against their policy to let people eat food other than their own O_o" well MY policy is to whack that chick over the head!!! *shakes fist* (OH! SO VIOLENT FEL!!!) well... no... im not like that... REALLY *smiles sweetly* then... we went to timezone where i cant play ddr on the machines for nuts and got bubbletea at utopia and after walking up and down the same street trying to decide wat to do... we ended up going karaoke and cost only $8 for 2 hours X) *yay* jeez time went by really fast it was 12 by the time we finished O_o" then when i got home i spent the rest of the time trying to get o2jam to work on my comp but it DIDNT!!! DAMMIT!!! i was so knackered by then, i went to sleep ^^

Yesterday i FINALLY got O2JAM up and running, cuz as i suspected, yee yang didnt give me the ACTUAL GAME *evils yee yang* (JUST JOKING LAH!!! kekeke saranghae yee yang!!! ^^) so i had to dld it. O2JAMMED until i had to go to work and i got 2ND TIP TODAY muAHhaHHA $1.10!!! i got... $1.75 last time... so that brings the total to $2.85!!! WOOHOO!!! We had new supervisor today, actually he was the guy that made edmond's and my cocktail last time we all went to spice lounge and i asked him if he still remembered how to make an emond's cocktail and he DID!!! thats so KOOL!!! X) i also FINALLY got my name tag and swipey card, ROCK ON!!! When i got hope... *hangs head* O2JAMMED!!! (i hope it doesnt turn chronic O_O") then sleepy byes ^^

When i woke up today... got breakfast and then... *shifty eyes* O2JAMMED!!! ARGH!!! now that im actually BLOGGING about it i see how bad this o2jam thing SOUNDS *screams* okies NO MORE!!! *shakes head* well i think thats al folks! X) Going back to O2JA... WASH THE CLOTHES!!!

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