Monday, November 26, 2007

miss noelle already *sad face* ="(

So this is my 5th post, and my last 2 blogs never made it past their 5th post, so... if i dunt blog again... *shifty eyes*

Shmoogoo woke me up 9 something in the morning =___=" So early! But somehow I managed to get ready and out of the house by 11:20 *YAY* i hope my punctuality is improving X) then we caught the bus to city and met up with sporty chick, noelle! We went to dimsum at GOLDEN CENTURY *gasps* RICH PEOPLES PLACE!!! Which I havent been to since i was like 8 ^^ me and noelle ate butterfly clam *does the clam hand action* things kekeke then we met up with caroline and bought apple strudel from corica *drools* I love bakeries! There's something about the fusion of art and food... X) then noelle had to leave *cries* HOPE U HAVE FUN NOELLE!!! I LUV U!!! *does heart shape with the arms*

Made our way to the city where we scoped out the new train terminal! Reminded me of sg kekeke and i think it made the day for all of us X) then caroline met up with long, and at first, i was only JOKING about leaving them alone but shmoogoo's hotel room darts thing and the whip thing got to me and i burst out laughing like a maniac ^^" so i think it was best i left anyways because i think caroline prolly wanted me DEAD right THERE and THEN *runs off* SOWWIES CAROLINE!!! PLEASE FORGIVE ME >_<"

So me and shmoogoo walked aimlessly around the city, and after a while, ended up in myers where i wanted to pick out the PINKEST shirt and hotest hot pants for shmoogoo, but what do i get in return!?!? "UH, CAN U LIKE NOT?" *bangs head on table* kekeke awWWw i can always try X) then somehow we ended up playing guitar hero upstairs, where shmoogoo was pro and aiks... im so noob but i want it!!! *grab grab* SO FUN! X) then we caught bus back to murdoch uni and waited at my house for bae yong jun to get back to his, so i could pick up my ddr, and shmoogoo could be reunited with his lov... i mean... friend ^^ MY DBSK BLANKET CAME TODAY!!! *YAY* SO MUCH LOVE!!!
*YUNHO LUV* : "this pose is good for blocking wind" - OH YUNHO! ur such a big luvable dork *hUgZ* X)
and now... *MY LUV FOR DBSK* kekeke ^^
Stayed at bae yong jun's house for a while where they were showing off their pro piano skills ^^v then went to church where today we got really yummy food and met a lot of new peoples kekeke well... *yawns* thats the end of my long day X) i had so much fun kekeke and now im sad cuz i have work 2molo X_x" i dont want to go!!! *sulks* but for DBSK... i WILL!!! *does heroic clenched fist pose* HWAITINGGG!!!

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Mai said...

YOU'RE SO CUTEEE!!! hahaha bought ablanket from the net im guessing?!?!! woOT!~ mIss ya LoveYOU HEAPSSS