Saturday, December 27, 2008

cashed-up bitch

YEH MAN!!! im tokin about ME!!! *evil cackle* so in the last fortnight, I made 3000 DOLLARS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!! 130 hrs of work *dies* but 1000 of my babies went to TAX!!! ARGH!!! LAMEEEEEEE!!! =P Today i worked 13 hrs from 8am to 12 midnight and since its public holiday, $520 in ONE DAY!!! YEH BITCH!!! *does pelvic thrust* the day before i got a 20 dollar tip, and today i got 30!!! YEH MANNNNN!!! Im on a ROLLLLLL~~~ flashing ur boobs really does help JKING!!! *hert hert* ^^" Anihoos life has been revolving around work and sleep hence i have nothing else to blog about =P When i have reached my 4k korea spending money target life shall resume as per normal X) but for now... it time to get another 5-6 hrs sleep and off to work a triple shift again *crawls into bed*

awesome songs at the moment:
Fall Out Boy - America's Suitehearts
The Script - The Man Who Can't Be Moved
Biffy Clyro - Mountains

Saturday, December 20, 2008

incoherent thoughts

YIPPEEEEE!!!!!!!! DAY OFF TOMORROW!!! *jumps for joy* Working 10 days without a day off doing 12.5 to 14 hour triple and double shifts everyday has really taken its toll *dies* and I'm looking forward to some Braveheart-style FREEDOMMMMMMM!!! Havent even had time to return calls or sms'... yup 'tis the season to be monotonous =P and MY LEGS AND FEET!!! PAINNNNNN!!! Havent been doing much. Yesterday went to potblack with the workmates after work and headed off to uncle billy's for some supper at 3:30am. The highlight for me was GETTING HOME!!! BAhhahAhA!!!!!! WHYYYYY!??!?! Do you ask??? Well it went something like this:
Me and Euling drove off first since our cars were parked back to back. Drove side by side along Mount Henry bridge waving and trying stay just that little bit infront of each other. GrRRrRrR!!! kekkeke And I thought testosterone and the competitive streak was for boys! Reached Canning bridge and then saw Kenny and Alvin had caught up and drove past us, so naturally my reaction was to speed up so Kenny couldnt overtake me and highbeam to the max but he still did and I almost hit the ass of his car, still got space but JUST!!! Eventually overtook him and caught up to Alvin who was ahead of us greeting us with his emergency lights, and so the three of us, Euling, Alvin and me were driving along side each other in our own lane along the freeway. Felt pretty kool, like i was one of the gang from fast and furious or something hahahha then it was ALL SYSTEMS GO and we all sped off trying to beat each other but ARGH!!! I was in the middle lane and there was a car infront of me so I changed lanes and was behind Euling, and WHAT A DIRTY DRIVER!!! For a little girl, she's one crazy noobbb!!! hahahah FREEKING PUT THE BRAKES ON!!! Going at 120ish and suddenly braking, with my driving skills, I'm surprised I even reacted HAhAHhAHa So after some swearing and highbeaming changed lanes and the noob changed into the lane i wanted!!! Changed back and STILL want to block me!!! Eventually overtook her and was just me and Alvin going 140ish down past the bridge before the off ramp to Leach. So i think the way im retelling the story sounds a bit hard to understand but the main point was that it was SO FUN MANNNNNNNNN!!! KekKEke!!! Got the blood and adrenaline pumping hey!!! And i bet everyone is now shaking their heads thinking I havent learnt my lesson from crashing my car hahahaha but dont worry, it wasnt that crazyyyyy X) I was more happy for the moment we saw each other when we were driving along side each other before our eyes concentrated back onto the road more than anything else =D And YESSSSS!!! i know its double demerits!!! X)
Went to eat at Uncle Billy's after work again today O_o" I feel the kilos coming back on soon!!! NOOoOOooOOo!!! hahahaha On the way back home Caught up to Kenny and June and Anthony and and started beeping and highbeaming them but from the lane next to them, and i think the car infront of me thought i was highbeaming them since of course they couldnt see that they were using their emergency lights on me. Took turns signalling and catching up to each other and i think one time i sped up to overtake Kenny and June, the other car who thought i was highbeaming them hell sped up and zoomed past me which i thought was funny hahahha yehhhh... no life at the moment *sigh* but!!! 2 more weeks to go and I wont have to deal with Christmas and New Years and the leading up to's anymore!!! YAY!!! X)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bits and Bobs

Yes I may have seemed to have fallen off the face of the earth for a while, but I'm still alive and kicking! Except most of it occurs at work =P Been working 6 days a week. Worked a triple shift from 8am to 8:30pm yesterday and been doing doubles twice a week starting from 11am to 1am as well. Ai papi!!! Havent had time for anything else thus my lil blog has been neglected for a while but seeing my paycheck this week was SCHWEETTTTTTTTTTTT!!! 1.8k BABY!!! *gloats* but DAYMN $400 went to Kevin Rudd and his buddies so BLEH!!! Cant wait to see the next one since I asked to increase my hours meaning ill hopefully be double shifting 6 days a week YEE HAH!!! But i do feel sad... I miss all my friends... TUESDAYS are my days off people!!! *hint hint* Havent been doing very much with them tho. Went to dinner at Tsunami with a friend last last week. A pretty decent Japanese restaurant! I like it!!! I wanna go back X) I had sukiyaki hehe... Next I wanna try their dish that comes to you served on a block of volcanic rock that's heated to 400C so you can cook your food to your own liking!!! =D Tried two sushi platters as entree, a soft-shelled crab one and mixed nigiri one. Crab one was REALLY NICE!!! Although they left a crab, nippers, eyes, legs and all poking out of one as a garnish which looked slightly intimidating, which I refused to eat haha!!! Tried SEA URCHIN!!! And the verdict is... *drumroll* OMFG SO FREEKING DELICIOUS!!! *cough* Just kidding!!! It's more like EWwWWWwWW!!! i DID NOT like it ONE BIT!!! Took one bite of the slimy orange foul tasting thing and am now scarred for life!!! Last week headed off to Cottesloe beach with another friend just to chill since it was too freeking cold to swim, but it was a nice day. Had fish and chips for the third time in my life!!! haha *claps hands excitedly* Also went to metros which had a masquerade theme on last saturday with the workmates, and bumped into the 3 lovelies, YY, mishi and caroline!!! AWESOME Tri-Angle inspired eye makeup!!! T'was a fun night!!! And most importantly, FEL STAYED SOBER!!! *superhero pose* well... sober as in only 3 drinks hehe... Stayed until closing man! Talk about OVERKILL!!! hAhA!!! Went to supper at Billy Lee's after work with the workmates last night/this morning. *YAY* I love eating out with friends!!! Ordered so many dishes!!! OMG!!! But all good since it was my first proper meal of the day haha... At 2 in the morning I dont fink its so healthy to have greasy chinese food as your first meal but *meh* Cant remember having 3 proper meals anymore, and this started since atleast exam time... Hard to find time to eat when sleep and getting to work on time is more important, and it doesnt help that the majority of what I've been eating comes from STAFF CANTEEN!!! *shudders* HAhAhA!!! My insides must be turning black from eating that evil nasty goop Boring post this time round with no pics =P reflects how much I've been doing with myself at the moment. Going to be a long couple of days man... TUESDAY COMING BACK ROUND!!! WOOT!!! WOOT!!!

On another note, did you all see the smiley face in the sky last week (or was that last last week? It all seems the same to me)?!?!? I was working and got home too late so i missed it =( tried to drive around to somewhere high and dark but no use *sob sob* but i DID get to see the sad face the night after and that made me happy enough
Someone must be watching over us =)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

ARgHHhH Me HEaRTiEs!!!




DATS WHAT IM TOKING BOUT!!!!!!!!!!!! See you round the traffic lights some time doll face *wink*