Sunday, October 12, 2008


So guys, if you happen to have bought today's issue of the Sunday Times, here's what to do:

1. Look for STM Entertainment. It should look something like this:
2. Throw the rest in the bin, make paper mache, use as toilet paper etc. Whatever floats your boat.
3. Flick through until you come across something that looks like THIS!!!
THATS MY SHOP!!! *cough* parents shop *cough* SOME REVIEWER CALLED ALICIA BRIDGES CAME AND DID A REVIEW (well... DUH) ON OUR RESTAURANT!!! YAY-YAH!!! CAFE SOMEVILLE IS TOO KOOL FOR SCHOOL MY FRIEND!!! WOOT!!! WOOT!!! And no, no money was involved or happy mushrooms put into her food hahaha...

Anihoos, I thought it was pretty funny when my grandma told me everyone who came in for lunch ordered the two items pictured in the review (gado gado and fried squid tentacles). I never knew that many people read the Sunday Times so fast either!!! So we were only rated "GOOD" for ambience and service but yah i tell you overseas i-no-undastan-yoo student waitstaff and fake flowers and plants can only get you so far =P well atleast we were rated "SUBLIME" for value (oh shut up all you stingy asians!!!) and "TOP-NOTCH" for food hehehe ASSA!!! X)
So here's to more wonton mee and fried rice *YUM SENG* hahhaha ^^v

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

my secret

of a story never meant to be...

forever to be hidden within the depths of our hearts...

[ to capture the moments i thought of you as i looked towards endless blue skies ]

the sea came forth, and everything turned to sand...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sunken Garden, Lifted Spirits

"It's our godforsaken right to be loved... loved... loved... loved... loved..."

Drifted around QEII after finalising most of the research project data Yee Yang, Emma and I have been compiling on the antimicrobial properties of honey from Australian native stingless bees *groan* not looking forward to the report im going to have to start on... LIKE NOW!!! *dies*
Anihoos... bought lunch from Viet Nosh, the kool new "fad" lunch place us super kool QEII people go to now (move over Chilliz, Pavarotti's and Jesters *butt nudge*), and headed off to the 8th floor cafeteria to eat it... Yee Yang nearly blew the whole hospital up when she placed her pie INSIDE the PIE TIN into the MICROWAVE!!! Haiz how do people live without microwaves i will never understand!!! i luv my microwave oh yes i dooo!!! *hugs microwave and drifts off to sleep by the soothing rhythmic hum of radiation*
Going off on random tangents like my lecturer Tom Riley... it's contagious! O_O" Back to my story... Met Bae Yong Jun while we were eating and scored free hot chocolate! WOO HOO!!! Then headed off to the library to "study", and bumped into Mutsa who suggested we go for a walk since we had to wait until 6pm for a seminar on Microbiology, and it was only 3ish... *COUGH COUGH* WHAT!!! i dont DO walks!!! *pats beerbelly* but somehow i managed to walk from QEII to freekin Matilda Bay *superhero pose* Haiz... felt like such a foreigner walking through campus even though its only been like 6 months... After no luck finding awesome cake down at Matilda Bay, we headed off to the Tav for some wedges with sourcream and sweetchilli YuMmmMm...
Mutsa then took us on a detour through the Sunken Garden. Me and YY had never been, nor knew where it was actually located, but WoWwWWw!!! SO PWEETY!!!!! DAMN it wouldve been an AWESOME place to hang out!!! argh!!! i've wasted my uni days!!! Anihoos you camwhore in a pretty place right? So here we go!!!
Entering the unknown...
The place was so secluded... It felt quite ethereal and serene... *sighs contently*
As if time stood still in a place like this...
A big ol' gnalry looking tree =P
Taking a moment to pretend to dip our feet
Tourist-looking photo
Love the stairs!!! so green and ancient looking X)
ehhh... lame!!! ekkeke... WAIMR!!! LOL!!!
The 3 lil monks... The perfect place to meditate and reconnect to your soul kekkeke...
Mutsa: "This is how a REAL MAN relaxes"
YY and I: "Yeh let it all hang out" HAhAHhA
Stackers from Chickentreat... the chicken lover's chicken XD
After the camwhoring session ended, we headed back to QEII for the seminar (and found out it actually started at 5:30pm!!! Hence ALL THE FOOD WAS EATEN!!! T__T *sob sob*)

What a dayYyYYyYyYyy~ *giggles*

Monday, October 6, 2008

of days gone by...

Long time no post... and so... what have i been getting up to? 90% of the time... NOTHING... and the other 10%... i shall sum up quickly MONTAGE style *superhero pose* but in no particular order since my brain doesnt exactly work that way *teardrop forming on head* ^^"

1. SUPER FREEKIN AWESOMEST KTV EVER!!! with... my hoe YY, celiababy, mutsa the milkshaker, jorjor, vanvan, freddo frog and... that was it i finkz? ANIHOOS!!! REITERATING what i said!!! SUPER FREEKIN AWESOMEST KTV EVER!!! its so awesome when EVERYFREEKINONE gets into the same song dont you fink? arm waving, clapping, bopping to the beat, dancing on tables X) yeh THATS how u rock it KTV STYLE!!! Matchbox 20 - How far we've come and Usher - Love in this club FTW!!! *claps hands enthusiastically* X) AND OMFG!!! NO.1 ON PHOTOHUNT!!! YAY-YAH BAYBEH!!! dammit i have proof but its stuck on my mobile =___=" WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!! YFFCCVMJ=PURE AWESOMENESS!!!

2. Invasion of Little Caesar's in Mundaring by a 14ppl asian mob!!!
(Ordered 15 pizzas so you do the math *wink*) Well i can say my expectations were HIGH for the much famed "winner of best pizza in the world" pizzaria but sadly they were NOT MET!!! T__T YuMmYyYy... yehhh... but not OMFG-THISISBETTERTHANSEX-YUMMY *pouts*but yah i DID LOVE LOVE LOVE the dessert pizzas *drools*
MmMMmMM Mudhoney and Upsidedown baked lemon cheesecake!!! SOOO GOOD!!! Oh!!! OH!!! but i HAVE to add!!! They were SUPER nice!!! Gave us a discount of like... wats 4x14??? O_o" I GOT C's for maths in HIGHSCHOOL and no calculator within reaching distance OKAY!!!

3. I finished my secret *jumps for joy* what is it do u ask!??!?! well... UNFORTUNATELY i cant find my freeking usb cable for my mobile fone since the photo is in there so... until next time folks! X)

The AWESOME atrium crew:

The handsome BIRTHDAY BOY - LAYTON!!!

Me and LING LING!!! you forgot your BLING BLING!!!

Sexy Jamine and me!!!
Camwhoring with the girls!!!

Me and Eugene!!!

Me and SHeldon OoOOoOOO CAROLINE!!! jkjk

Me and the Beyonce of Atrium - yah anthony got booty LOL!!!

Me and the Glamourous Zanetta!!! I SEE CLEAVAGE!!! *POINT POINT*

Pretty June and me!!!

Say ATRIUM!!! hehehe lame... =P

Me and the LOSERS!!! hehe...

Perfect depiction of how Atrium REALLY is!!! XD
Followed by ASIA cocktail (yuppp... it ALLLL goes dowwwwnnnnnnnnhillllllllllllll from here---in the 2hrs-puking-shivering-cant breathing-crying-friends call up ambulance (but not get into it)-kinda way~) =______=" follow the sequence of events---->>>
Still glamourous...
HmMmMmm... they call me pinky yo~
Redder... WOOHOO!!! 151!!! 151!!!
YEAHHHHHHHH!!! IM DRUNK BUT IM STILL AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *stumble stumble* XD
And then after a few hours... i was NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT so AWESOME @_@" *dies*

5. Marcus' Farewell from Atrium supper at Billy Lee's... I MISS MARCUS!!! *sob sob* one of the best employees i reckon!!! He did EVERYFREEKINGTHING!!! so yahhhh i spent 6 hrs making 2 cakes, one for him and one for my family (since they always complain i make stuff for my friends and never for my family, but i dont get why cuz THEY DONT EAT IT ANIWAYS!!! *frustration*) ANIHOOS, i made RED VELVET CAKE!!! since i've been wanting to make it since noelle's LAST birthday (her birthday is coming up in few weeks so yah luv it and noelle long time eh? ^^") Okay... so... it was supposed to be a MAN cake... but somehow it turned pink and looked like i cut my finger and squirted blood all over it it, but i digress...

And now u ask me WHYYYYY is it called RED velvet cake?!??!?! I say CHECK IT OUT YO *does kool pointing thingo with the indexes* na mean!??!?! X)

6. Me and Ali bum's SUPER KOOL PASTA (yah here's a tip: call him over once in a while to clean your kitchen!!! he's good!!! mwehehe~~~)Okay doesnt LOOK very awesome but IT WAS PRETTYYYYYY decent considering ali is a RETARD... I KID! I KID! he is prolly a better cook than me *shame shame* ^^"

7. Bought a whole bunch of random stuff over the net... makeup and dbsk... need i say more? lalalala~~~ ^^"

Haiz... back to now... have a couple of things on my mind of late and its driving me bonkers @_@" i wish i could just grab a magic 8 ball, shake the $#!T outta it and find out what lays beyond what i can see... i want to make the right choice... ARGHHH!!! Tell me Robert Frost!!! Which is the road less travelled by?!?!! *sigh*



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