Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sunken Garden, Lifted Spirits

"It's our godforsaken right to be loved... loved... loved... loved... loved..."

Drifted around QEII after finalising most of the research project data Yee Yang, Emma and I have been compiling on the antimicrobial properties of honey from Australian native stingless bees *groan* not looking forward to the report im going to have to start on... LIKE NOW!!! *dies*
Anihoos... bought lunch from Viet Nosh, the kool new "fad" lunch place us super kool QEII people go to now (move over Chilliz, Pavarotti's and Jesters *butt nudge*), and headed off to the 8th floor cafeteria to eat it... Yee Yang nearly blew the whole hospital up when she placed her pie INSIDE the PIE TIN into the MICROWAVE!!! Haiz how do people live without microwaves i will never understand!!! i luv my microwave oh yes i dooo!!! *hugs microwave and drifts off to sleep by the soothing rhythmic hum of radiation*
Going off on random tangents like my lecturer Tom Riley... it's contagious! O_O" Back to my story... Met Bae Yong Jun while we were eating and scored free hot chocolate! WOO HOO!!! Then headed off to the library to "study", and bumped into Mutsa who suggested we go for a walk since we had to wait until 6pm for a seminar on Microbiology, and it was only 3ish... *COUGH COUGH* WHAT!!! i dont DO walks!!! *pats beerbelly* but somehow i managed to walk from QEII to freekin Matilda Bay *superhero pose* Haiz... felt like such a foreigner walking through campus even though its only been like 6 months... After no luck finding awesome cake down at Matilda Bay, we headed off to the Tav for some wedges with sourcream and sweetchilli YuMmmMm...
Mutsa then took us on a detour through the Sunken Garden. Me and YY had never been, nor knew where it was actually located, but WoWwWWw!!! SO PWEETY!!!!! DAMN it wouldve been an AWESOME place to hang out!!! argh!!! i've wasted my uni days!!! Anihoos you camwhore in a pretty place right? So here we go!!!
Entering the unknown...
The place was so secluded... It felt quite ethereal and serene... *sighs contently*
As if time stood still in a place like this...
A big ol' gnalry looking tree =P
Taking a moment to pretend to dip our feet
Tourist-looking photo
Love the stairs!!! so green and ancient looking X)
ehhh... lame!!! ekkeke... WAIMR!!! LOL!!!
The 3 lil monks... The perfect place to meditate and reconnect to your soul kekkeke...
Mutsa: "This is how a REAL MAN relaxes"
YY and I: "Yeh let it all hang out" HAhAHhA
Stackers from Chickentreat... the chicken lover's chicken XD
After the camwhoring session ended, we headed back to QEII for the seminar (and found out it actually started at 5:30pm!!! Hence ALL THE FOOD WAS EATEN!!! T__T *sob sob*)

What a dayYyYYyYyYyy~ *giggles*

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Mai said...

Whoaa so many photos, but nice garden!!! :D Lookin' good MISS YOU HEAPS, LOVE YOU LOTSSS!!!