Sunday, October 12, 2008


So guys, if you happen to have bought today's issue of the Sunday Times, here's what to do:

1. Look for STM Entertainment. It should look something like this:
2. Throw the rest in the bin, make paper mache, use as toilet paper etc. Whatever floats your boat.
3. Flick through until you come across something that looks like THIS!!!
THATS MY SHOP!!! *cough* parents shop *cough* SOME REVIEWER CALLED ALICIA BRIDGES CAME AND DID A REVIEW (well... DUH) ON OUR RESTAURANT!!! YAY-YAH!!! CAFE SOMEVILLE IS TOO KOOL FOR SCHOOL MY FRIEND!!! WOOT!!! WOOT!!! And no, no money was involved or happy mushrooms put into her food hahaha...

Anihoos, I thought it was pretty funny when my grandma told me everyone who came in for lunch ordered the two items pictured in the review (gado gado and fried squid tentacles). I never knew that many people read the Sunday Times so fast either!!! So we were only rated "GOOD" for ambience and service but yah i tell you overseas i-no-undastan-yoo student waitstaff and fake flowers and plants can only get you so far =P well atleast we were rated "SUBLIME" for value (oh shut up all you stingy asians!!!) and "TOP-NOTCH" for food hehehe ASSA!!! X)
So here's to more wonton mee and fried rice *YUM SENG* hahhaha ^^v

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Mai said...

SQUID TENTACLES I WANTTT!!! OMG haven't ate at your place in agessss!!! I must remmeber to bring robbie with mee!! hehe! HOW R U GIRL!! we needa catch up and i needa give u pressies!! LOVE YOU LONG TIME xoxo