Saturday, December 27, 2008

cashed-up bitch

YEH MAN!!! im tokin about ME!!! *evil cackle* so in the last fortnight, I made 3000 DOLLARS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!! 130 hrs of work *dies* but 1000 of my babies went to TAX!!! ARGH!!! LAMEEEEEEE!!! =P Today i worked 13 hrs from 8am to 12 midnight and since its public holiday, $520 in ONE DAY!!! YEH BITCH!!! *does pelvic thrust* the day before i got a 20 dollar tip, and today i got 30!!! YEH MANNNNN!!! Im on a ROLLLLLL~~~ flashing ur boobs really does help JKING!!! *hert hert* ^^" Anihoos life has been revolving around work and sleep hence i have nothing else to blog about =P When i have reached my 4k korea spending money target life shall resume as per normal X) but for now... it time to get another 5-6 hrs sleep and off to work a triple shift again *crawls into bed*

awesome songs at the moment:
Fall Out Boy - America's Suitehearts
The Script - The Man Who Can't Be Moved
Biffy Clyro - Mountains

Saturday, December 20, 2008

incoherent thoughts

YIPPEEEEE!!!!!!!! DAY OFF TOMORROW!!! *jumps for joy* Working 10 days without a day off doing 12.5 to 14 hour triple and double shifts everyday has really taken its toll *dies* and I'm looking forward to some Braveheart-style FREEDOMMMMMMM!!! Havent even had time to return calls or sms'... yup 'tis the season to be monotonous =P and MY LEGS AND FEET!!! PAINNNNNN!!! Havent been doing much. Yesterday went to potblack with the workmates after work and headed off to uncle billy's for some supper at 3:30am. The highlight for me was GETTING HOME!!! BAhhahAhA!!!!!! WHYYYYY!??!?! Do you ask??? Well it went something like this:
Me and Euling drove off first since our cars were parked back to back. Drove side by side along Mount Henry bridge waving and trying stay just that little bit infront of each other. GrRRrRrR!!! kekkeke And I thought testosterone and the competitive streak was for boys! Reached Canning bridge and then saw Kenny and Alvin had caught up and drove past us, so naturally my reaction was to speed up so Kenny couldnt overtake me and highbeam to the max but he still did and I almost hit the ass of his car, still got space but JUST!!! Eventually overtook him and caught up to Alvin who was ahead of us greeting us with his emergency lights, and so the three of us, Euling, Alvin and me were driving along side each other in our own lane along the freeway. Felt pretty kool, like i was one of the gang from fast and furious or something hahahha then it was ALL SYSTEMS GO and we all sped off trying to beat each other but ARGH!!! I was in the middle lane and there was a car infront of me so I changed lanes and was behind Euling, and WHAT A DIRTY DRIVER!!! For a little girl, she's one crazy noobbb!!! hahahah FREEKING PUT THE BRAKES ON!!! Going at 120ish and suddenly braking, with my driving skills, I'm surprised I even reacted HAhAHhAHa So after some swearing and highbeaming changed lanes and the noob changed into the lane i wanted!!! Changed back and STILL want to block me!!! Eventually overtook her and was just me and Alvin going 140ish down past the bridge before the off ramp to Leach. So i think the way im retelling the story sounds a bit hard to understand but the main point was that it was SO FUN MANNNNNNNNN!!! KekKEke!!! Got the blood and adrenaline pumping hey!!! And i bet everyone is now shaking their heads thinking I havent learnt my lesson from crashing my car hahahaha but dont worry, it wasnt that crazyyyyy X) I was more happy for the moment we saw each other when we were driving along side each other before our eyes concentrated back onto the road more than anything else =D And YESSSSS!!! i know its double demerits!!! X)
Went to eat at Uncle Billy's after work again today O_o" I feel the kilos coming back on soon!!! NOOoOOooOOo!!! hahahaha On the way back home Caught up to Kenny and June and Anthony and and started beeping and highbeaming them but from the lane next to them, and i think the car infront of me thought i was highbeaming them since of course they couldnt see that they were using their emergency lights on me. Took turns signalling and catching up to each other and i think one time i sped up to overtake Kenny and June, the other car who thought i was highbeaming them hell sped up and zoomed past me which i thought was funny hahahha yehhhh... no life at the moment *sigh* but!!! 2 more weeks to go and I wont have to deal with Christmas and New Years and the leading up to's anymore!!! YAY!!! X)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bits and Bobs

Yes I may have seemed to have fallen off the face of the earth for a while, but I'm still alive and kicking! Except most of it occurs at work =P Been working 6 days a week. Worked a triple shift from 8am to 8:30pm yesterday and been doing doubles twice a week starting from 11am to 1am as well. Ai papi!!! Havent had time for anything else thus my lil blog has been neglected for a while but seeing my paycheck this week was SCHWEETTTTTTTTTTTT!!! 1.8k BABY!!! *gloats* but DAYMN $400 went to Kevin Rudd and his buddies so BLEH!!! Cant wait to see the next one since I asked to increase my hours meaning ill hopefully be double shifting 6 days a week YEE HAH!!! But i do feel sad... I miss all my friends... TUESDAYS are my days off people!!! *hint hint* Havent been doing very much with them tho. Went to dinner at Tsunami with a friend last last week. A pretty decent Japanese restaurant! I like it!!! I wanna go back X) I had sukiyaki hehe... Next I wanna try their dish that comes to you served on a block of volcanic rock that's heated to 400C so you can cook your food to your own liking!!! =D Tried two sushi platters as entree, a soft-shelled crab one and mixed nigiri one. Crab one was REALLY NICE!!! Although they left a crab, nippers, eyes, legs and all poking out of one as a garnish which looked slightly intimidating, which I refused to eat haha!!! Tried SEA URCHIN!!! And the verdict is... *drumroll* OMFG SO FREEKING DELICIOUS!!! *cough* Just kidding!!! It's more like EWwWWWwWW!!! i DID NOT like it ONE BIT!!! Took one bite of the slimy orange foul tasting thing and am now scarred for life!!! Last week headed off to Cottesloe beach with another friend just to chill since it was too freeking cold to swim, but it was a nice day. Had fish and chips for the third time in my life!!! haha *claps hands excitedly* Also went to metros which had a masquerade theme on last saturday with the workmates, and bumped into the 3 lovelies, YY, mishi and caroline!!! AWESOME Tri-Angle inspired eye makeup!!! T'was a fun night!!! And most importantly, FEL STAYED SOBER!!! *superhero pose* well... sober as in only 3 drinks hehe... Stayed until closing man! Talk about OVERKILL!!! hAhA!!! Went to supper at Billy Lee's after work with the workmates last night/this morning. *YAY* I love eating out with friends!!! Ordered so many dishes!!! OMG!!! But all good since it was my first proper meal of the day haha... At 2 in the morning I dont fink its so healthy to have greasy chinese food as your first meal but *meh* Cant remember having 3 proper meals anymore, and this started since atleast exam time... Hard to find time to eat when sleep and getting to work on time is more important, and it doesnt help that the majority of what I've been eating comes from STAFF CANTEEN!!! *shudders* HAhAhA!!! My insides must be turning black from eating that evil nasty goop Boring post this time round with no pics =P reflects how much I've been doing with myself at the moment. Going to be a long couple of days man... TUESDAY COMING BACK ROUND!!! WOOT!!! WOOT!!!

On another note, did you all see the smiley face in the sky last week (or was that last last week? It all seems the same to me)?!?!? I was working and got home too late so i missed it =( tried to drive around to somewhere high and dark but no use *sob sob* but i DID get to see the sad face the night after and that made me happy enough
Someone must be watching over us =)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

ARgHHhH Me HEaRTiEs!!!




DATS WHAT IM TOKING BOUT!!!!!!!!!!!! See you round the traffic lights some time doll face *wink*

Sunday, November 30, 2008

The power of words

Some people are just so eager to let their opinions be known, and in the process, they fail to recognize that hearts are fragile and they themselves are hypocritical. There is no right time and place, words fly out like daggers and before you know it, the damage has been dealt. Wounds only just beginning to heal bleed once again.

I’m never one to confront for myself. I’m not one to go about shooting down all the things people uphold, but when you desecrate the very core of what people believe in, that is an extremely selfish act, and I won’t hold my silence. I can tolerate a lot of things but never this. If you don’t like what you hear, why inflict pain? Can’t people stop for a moment and think, think and realize that it is far better to let people live what you deem an illusion, rather than destroying the very thing that fills their soul? Just because I think Christianity is, for lack of a better word, a complete sham, I don’t blast off about it and declare how much better off they would be without it when someone ends up on my doorstep asking me if I would like to participate in their weekly bible class. It’s easy to see that it would just be plain rude to do so. A simple smile and a polite decline are suffice. I understand they simply want to bring the happiness god brings to them to me, and that’s a very sweet thing. Why go to all the trouble of persecuting and hurting people for the sake of what you believe in.

People live to be happy, to find fulfillment.
Those who scrutinize its pursuit are hypocritical and I pity them. Why can't they just wake up and realise they are JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE who scrambles towards it.
Why do anything at all if you have forsaken it. Why smile, why laugh, why love, why give, why care, why have children? If you do any of those things, you believe in its existence.

Don’t mind me, I’m just harping on, rant upon rant. My soapbox is mine alone and nobody else’s right? After all I believe in freedom of speech among other things, and a few measely words never hurt anyone...

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Finally got another thing off my mind today, booked my flight from perth to singapore so it looks like all systems GO in february *YAY-NESS* Tiger Airways was having a special, 50% off some of their flights, and as if by magic, the dates I wanted were the ones on special!!! WOO HOO!!! Atleast something is going right for me. So i think i saved 100 bucks if i didnt wait, so I'm super happy and i got window seats!!! Another thumbs up!!! *grins* Oh well, ill be lonely since I'm going by myself and coming home by myself, and the thought of catching a bus to KL by myself there and back kinda creeps me out, but hey, if zhen zhen can do it, so can I!!! *superman pose* Anyone know where i can get pepperspray? LOL! So yah, the reason i took Tiger was because the flight to KL direct would've cost me just a bit over $700 bucks via Airasia whereas Tiger only cost me $420, and the bust trip is apparently pretty cheap, which means MORE MONEY TO SPEND!!! puahaha!!!

So all in all, CANT WAIT TIL FEB!!!

boring blabber, you've been warned!!!

*urgh* okay... I've semi-crawled out of my emo shell that i have remained curled up in during the past week or so... *manages weak smile* onward to more kooler awesomer things... like... I FINALLY WENT TO THE DENTIST AFTER LIKE 5 YEARS!!! No... really... I haven't been to the dentist since I was in year 10 *cringes* anihoos... one of my teeth had a GINORMOUS CRATER... product of avoiding the dentist for a year... *cringes even more* yeh why am i even telling ANYONE this HAhAhaHhA it's so gross!!! Atleast it's been fixed, so feel free to give me kisses now *wink wink* But I've got 3 more cavities which are all pretty bad so *bleh* need to go back... *sulks* Which brings me to my next point, I bought health insurance since i knew all of this was coming and WHOA!!! My filling cost $255 and i only needed to pay $100 wEeEeEee~~~ I also need to get my wisdom teeth removed... I'm scared it will hurt since all 4 of them have erupted, some quite significantly T__T I went to take a OPG (x-ray thingo) of my teeth and i had to bit on this piece of plastic to stop my head from moving while this thing rotated around my head, yup, sci-fi moment for me hahaha... Anihoos enough about rotting teeth and health insurance... bet you're bored shitless... LOL!

Moving on to work... *yay* even more boring!!! HAhAhHA... Yes... SO FREEKING BUSYYYYY!!! *dies* but this week I'm working 5 days and next, 6 with lunch shifts and I CANT WAIT TO SEE MY BANK BALANCE!!! ArGh!!! But wait i must, so BoO hOo *sulks*

OH! OH!!! Bought some jelly to cheer me up, one of my favourite foods!!! YUP!!! THAT'S SOME DAMN GOOD SHIT RIGHT THERE!!! It's awesome cuz its got those lil pieces of stuff that are meant to be illegal cuz babies choke on them and die.
Camwhoring helps too. *hert hert*
On a whole bunch of random notes, I noticed a suspiciously large amount of bruises on my arms and legs... 16 to be exact... WTF!?!??! Have I been sleep walking or something i don't know about!?!?! and I went to buy some random stuff from priceline at garbo today and I FOUND THIS SUPER CUTE THING!!! dammit i wanna show!!! i wanna show!!! but i cant *sulks* it might end up being your christmas pressie so i dont wanna ruin it but its SO DAMN CUTE!!! i wanna eat it up *pouts* but i can't cuz its not actually edible HAhAHaHha there's a hint for you *wink* Also picked up a skinny smoothie from BOOST, and yeh i'm not on a diet, fuck that LOL!!! But i don't like smoothies cuz they have bananas and their ice crushes are rather bland, so last time i gave mini me mango, mango mini me, mini mango me... some shit like that a try and i was really pleasantly surprised since it had yoghurt in it and I'm also quite dubious about drinks with yoghurt too. So this time, tried berry berry smoothie or something can't remember the name either and it was really nice too!!! And ladies, the amount of calories it contains is equivalent to an apple so go for it bitches!!! Anihoos i usually don't swear on my blog, apart from the occasional WTF, so excuse the language dear, I decided I'm angry at the world today *sticks out tongue* No not really... I just feel like swearing a lot. You see, working like a bitch for 7 hours doesn't help with your politeness capiche??? Neither does 2:30 in the morning. Why the fuck am I still awake and blogging about random shit anyways!?!?!? If you got this far, I applaude you. Enter the codeword "FUCKING NOOB" along with your name and address in the comment box to recieve you're prize.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


What do you call it, when bad luck and coincidence walk hand in hand? Fate… Is that its name? Some things are unavoidable… and so it seems the moment I think fate has come after me with a light hand… I am reminded it was only wishful hoping…

Darkness has not come softly, why must it batter me wave, after wave? Accidents have come by the handful and people are leaving me in droves… Does fate have no mercy? Or am I simply desperate to blame all my misfortunes on anything other than what I see in my own reflection… Tell me the remedy for a waning spirit… My body, my mind. I am broken. I am so tired. Tired of caring, tired of existence… I surrender. My body has chosen where to lie. The pain is slowly going numb... What is the use of a good person? Actions speak for nothing, good intentions lead to nowhere, my gaze is never met and my heart goes unnoticed… How much harder do I have to try? My soul is disintegrating… Knowing it is never going to be enough… I yearn to fade into the background... becoming a simple whisper through the trees… You will never truly realize anyway…

Longing for the year to come to pass… It marks the parting of dark clouds, the end of self delusion and artificial happiness… People won’t leave me anymore and my heart will be less empty. I might remember how it feels for sunlight to wash up against my frozen body once again…

Relinquish my past…

True happiness has not been forgotten… merely, temporarily misplaced…

Sorrow shall be reborn into... a love so vast

Saturday, November 15, 2008

*gone bunny hunting*

Took a lil trip up the hills to Mundaring this morning with mai mai and her boyfriend rob, and NO!!! i DIDN'T go for a slice of Little Caesar's pizza *gasps* This time, i went for RABBITS!!! X) A minilop rabbit breeder who calls herself "The Rabbit Lady" resides there and we decided to go check out her... erm... produce?!?!? LOL!!! But yah, cuz Mai Mai has been wanting to get a rabbit for what seems to be almost an eternity, and im looking for a girlfriend for Muffin *wink wink* I shall be calling her CUPCAKE!!! Thus, Cupcake will be Muffins cupeycake and they will make little baby cakes and scones and donuts... MmMMmmMm... donuts... *Homer drooling sound*
Note: stole all the photos from mai mai (click link for the post) ^^" THANKS IN ADVANCE MAI MAI!!! X)
The goods:
NaWwWWw!!! HOW ADOWABABALE!!! o^-^o The lil black one is a "charlie"... i THINK that's what its called... Its a unique colour pattern where the bunny has a line down the back instead of the normal mottled butterfly pattern.
The Lady was really friendly and informative, as well as offering great advice so all you people in Perth looking for some Minilop good times, you know who to call!!! GHOST BUSTERS!!! No... i meant THE RABBIT LADY!!! X) The only sad thing was she was short on rabbits for sale so we must wait until after christmas but its all good =)
Mai Mai and a black baby minilop:
Rob's turn!!! AwWwWww... i think that's a cute pic o^-^o
Close up of the baby:
So i heard about being able to trance your rabbit, but Muffin gets quite agro when i try to pick him up, hence i never got the chance to try *pouts* butbut its the ability to put your rabbit into a deep, trance-like state when you lay the rabbit on its back... a la pic below. A good tip for doing this successfully is keeping the rabbit's head straight when you are in the process of laying them down backwards (quoted from the rabbit lady) and if you do attempt to do this, make sure that if its not successful, the rabbit flips quickly back onto its from paws, so you must be extremely careful and make sure it doesnt fall out of your lap! Apparently, some rabbits get into such a deep state, operations can be performed without the use of anaesthetic!!! O_O" I found that quite amazing.
Minilop on drugs... No... not really ^^" :
She also breeds a variety of cats including British shorthair, Scotish folds and ragdolls. I love how ragdolls have blue blue eyes. I was considering this cat if i wasnt allowed to get a rabbit X) This was such a beautiful picture. GAH! If only my rabbit made love to my camera like this!!!
The rabbit lady also breeds a variety of chickens, but the most interesting breed of chicken she had was the Peking Bantam. The chicken looks as glorious and royale as the name itself. The feathers give a distinctive look of grandeur and reminds me of Queen Elizabeth for some reason... Do you see it too??? LOL!!!
These aren't hers, but you get the idea X)
So now I've gotten a better idea of the types of colours... I'm thinking of getting Muffin's girlfriend in one of the following colours which i think will make them look like a cute couple X)
Chocolate Butterfly
Black or Blue Butterfly
ARGH!!! but I know these are all the recessive colour types which kinda makes things harder but nevertheless!!! I shall persevere until i find the perfect Juliet for my Muffin!!! *heroic clenched-fist pose*

Today also, I was running out of hay so i headed off to City Farmers and bought 2 bags since the bag i bought last time, i found out it was MORE THAN HALF made up of chaff when i got home, hence did not last me more than a week, but me being the awesome person i am, single-handedly picked out two bags BOTH filled with OATEN HAY ONLY BWAHahAHhaha!!! okay i bet noone cares but i felt so damn awesome!!! WOO HOO!!! XD
Next part is for mai mai mostly, since noone really cares about rabbits except us 2 bahahahha but yah i made an AWESOME FIND!!! a AWESOME DRINK BOTTLE by... SUPER PET !!! I BOUGHT ONE FOR U!!! XD and here is the holy grail of rabbit drinking bottles!!! DANG DANG!!!:
So yah u noe how i was kinda on the fence about drink bottles since I didnt like the fact they have to lick so hard to get tiny drop of water, THIS one is MASSIVE and lets out water really easily!!! Look how big it is compared to my hand and the normal sized ones:
And the nifty thing about this one is that you attatch the holder from INSIDE the cage instead of hooking wire around the outside of the bottle, so when you need to detatch it you just pull it off instead of pulling it up and out from the cage and the height is adjustable which is even more awesome =D To put it back you just clip it back on!
But i have to say, the best feature is that you fill the bottle form the top, unlike traditional sipper bottles where you have to flip it over and unscrew. It's SO MUCH MORE CONVENIENT!!! X) and the lid is flexible!!!
So yah hope you like it *giggles* XD
Bunny business:
"This is my good side!"
You make bunny cry!
Eating carrots is hard work!
Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Let down your long... ears???
Randomness of the day:
"I'm vain, vain, vain."
Mai Mai, do these look familar to you? and just so you know, THATS NOT ME!!! But no hints as to who it is tho X) Take a guess, shouldnt be too hard *wink*

Farkin Spontaneous!!! OoPs!!! I swore... KINDA *wink*

So... It was an average Wednesday night.
LOL!!! You guys know what!?!? I spelt Wednesday as WENESDAY and noone managed to point this out to me until I was in first year uni... so 18... and MAN!!! THAT is a damn long time... Which made me think... WHAT THE HELL ARE TEACHERS FOR!?!?!? Noone bothered to show me how to spell out Wednesday properly in any of my primary school years, noone bothered to ask me why I abbreviated my days of the week to MON, TUE, WEN, THUR, FRI, SAT and SUN, until one day my uncle goes "What is WEN?" after reading a note I'd written down... but i digress... THIS was not the point I wanted to make LOL!!!

So BACK to Wednesday night!!! Instead of studying for my Genetics exam the next day, I procrastinated by watching House and Criminal Intent simultaneously. ARGH!!! WHY DO GOOD SHOWS HAVE TO BE ON AT THE SAME TIME!!! I'm rooting for House and Cuddy to get it OwRNnnNnnn!!! WeWWwW~~~ and procratination continued until 10-ish, where the guilt of not studying finally sunk in. Checked my mobile first and HmMMmm... missed calls from Wei Zhen... Oops!!! "she must want her jacket i stole from my asia cocktail puking episode back" i thought, and called her back. But aniways... Long story short... CHECK IT YO!!!
And the phone convo went a little like this:
WZ: Fel are you doing anything during the holidays?
WZ: Oh it's okay, that not important.
FEL: Eh? So wassup?!?!
WZ: Wanna go to Korea??????
FEL: Ehhh... WHAT!?!?
WZ: I found this deal, from KL to Korea for 800 bucks but if you wanna go you have to book before 12 tonight...
FEL: HAH?!?! but its 10!!!

and... One hour later... Refer to Figure above.

So in early Feb im gonna be jetting off to SEOUL BABY!!! and gonna get me some tall, handsome korean boys!!! I have to admit THIS is probably the MOST random and spontaneous decision I've made IN MY LIFE so far... I DIDNT EVEN HAVE TIME TO CONSULT MY PARENTS!!! But my parents being the awesome parents they are, i knew my @$$ would be safe from a spanking. I DO have a few things to note:
1. Need to buy ticket from here to KL anione noe where i can get cheap tickets???
2. It still hasn't sunk in and im not the least bit excited
3. I need to earn some MAJOR BIG BUCKS NOW
4. Im counting on the fact we'll hook up with some hot korean boys to show us around, otherwise i need to brush up on sign language... But im pretty sure korean boys speak tongue right??? HEH HEH HEH!!!

On another tangent, MY BUNNY IS SO FREEKIN GOD DAMN CUTEEEEEEEE!!! Oh yah, and i renamed him Muffin instead of Junki, cuz as much as i LOVE LOVE LOVE Lee Junki, it just wasn't sticking and i figured when i get Muffin a girlfriend, ill call her cupcake, so MUFFIN AND CUPCAKE FOREVER!!! NaWWwWWwWw!!! Anihoos i let it out in the garden for some exercise after i got home from my exam and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!! Running around histerically and trying to eat all my grandma's vegetables and doing BiNkiEs!!! (Binkies are a special rabbit jump they do when they are happy, their happy dance if you will!!! ) And then it started running circles around my feet which was the just CUTEST THING!!! I noticed he started shedding his winter fluff and it was starting from his butt, so i spent the afternoon pulling fluff out of his butt and i found it strangely effective at relieving after exams tension LOL!!! My bunny is also so cute when he sleeps!!! He looks like a baby!!! Especially when he's surrounded by all his baby toys i bought for him. Check out the pic!!! Its a bit hard to see since i took it through his cage but yah SQUINT BIATCH!!! SQUINT!!! It's worth it!!!