Saturday, November 15, 2008

*gone bunny hunting*

Took a lil trip up the hills to Mundaring this morning with mai mai and her boyfriend rob, and NO!!! i DIDN'T go for a slice of Little Caesar's pizza *gasps* This time, i went for RABBITS!!! X) A minilop rabbit breeder who calls herself "The Rabbit Lady" resides there and we decided to go check out her... erm... produce?!?!? LOL!!! But yah, cuz Mai Mai has been wanting to get a rabbit for what seems to be almost an eternity, and im looking for a girlfriend for Muffin *wink wink* I shall be calling her CUPCAKE!!! Thus, Cupcake will be Muffins cupeycake and they will make little baby cakes and scones and donuts... MmMMmmMm... donuts... *Homer drooling sound*
Note: stole all the photos from mai mai (click link for the post) ^^" THANKS IN ADVANCE MAI MAI!!! X)
The goods:
NaWwWWw!!! HOW ADOWABABALE!!! o^-^o The lil black one is a "charlie"... i THINK that's what its called... Its a unique colour pattern where the bunny has a line down the back instead of the normal mottled butterfly pattern.
The Lady was really friendly and informative, as well as offering great advice so all you people in Perth looking for some Minilop good times, you know who to call!!! GHOST BUSTERS!!! No... i meant THE RABBIT LADY!!! X) The only sad thing was she was short on rabbits for sale so we must wait until after christmas but its all good =)
Mai Mai and a black baby minilop:
Rob's turn!!! AwWwWww... i think that's a cute pic o^-^o
Close up of the baby:
So i heard about being able to trance your rabbit, but Muffin gets quite agro when i try to pick him up, hence i never got the chance to try *pouts* butbut its the ability to put your rabbit into a deep, trance-like state when you lay the rabbit on its back... a la pic below. A good tip for doing this successfully is keeping the rabbit's head straight when you are in the process of laying them down backwards (quoted from the rabbit lady) and if you do attempt to do this, make sure that if its not successful, the rabbit flips quickly back onto its from paws, so you must be extremely careful and make sure it doesnt fall out of your lap! Apparently, some rabbits get into such a deep state, operations can be performed without the use of anaesthetic!!! O_O" I found that quite amazing.
Minilop on drugs... No... not really ^^" :
She also breeds a variety of cats including British shorthair, Scotish folds and ragdolls. I love how ragdolls have blue blue eyes. I was considering this cat if i wasnt allowed to get a rabbit X) This was such a beautiful picture. GAH! If only my rabbit made love to my camera like this!!!
The rabbit lady also breeds a variety of chickens, but the most interesting breed of chicken she had was the Peking Bantam. The chicken looks as glorious and royale as the name itself. The feathers give a distinctive look of grandeur and reminds me of Queen Elizabeth for some reason... Do you see it too??? LOL!!!
These aren't hers, but you get the idea X)
So now I've gotten a better idea of the types of colours... I'm thinking of getting Muffin's girlfriend in one of the following colours which i think will make them look like a cute couple X)
Chocolate Butterfly
Black or Blue Butterfly
ARGH!!! but I know these are all the recessive colour types which kinda makes things harder but nevertheless!!! I shall persevere until i find the perfect Juliet for my Muffin!!! *heroic clenched-fist pose*

Today also, I was running out of hay so i headed off to City Farmers and bought 2 bags since the bag i bought last time, i found out it was MORE THAN HALF made up of chaff when i got home, hence did not last me more than a week, but me being the awesome person i am, single-handedly picked out two bags BOTH filled with OATEN HAY ONLY BWAHahAHhaha!!! okay i bet noone cares but i felt so damn awesome!!! WOO HOO!!! XD
Next part is for mai mai mostly, since noone really cares about rabbits except us 2 bahahahha but yah i made an AWESOME FIND!!! a AWESOME DRINK BOTTLE by... SUPER PET !!! I BOUGHT ONE FOR U!!! XD and here is the holy grail of rabbit drinking bottles!!! DANG DANG!!!:
So yah u noe how i was kinda on the fence about drink bottles since I didnt like the fact they have to lick so hard to get tiny drop of water, THIS one is MASSIVE and lets out water really easily!!! Look how big it is compared to my hand and the normal sized ones:
And the nifty thing about this one is that you attatch the holder from INSIDE the cage instead of hooking wire around the outside of the bottle, so when you need to detatch it you just pull it off instead of pulling it up and out from the cage and the height is adjustable which is even more awesome =D To put it back you just clip it back on!
But i have to say, the best feature is that you fill the bottle form the top, unlike traditional sipper bottles where you have to flip it over and unscrew. It's SO MUCH MORE CONVENIENT!!! X) and the lid is flexible!!!
So yah hope you like it *giggles* XD
Bunny business:
"This is my good side!"
You make bunny cry!
Eating carrots is hard work!
Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Let down your long... ears???
Randomness of the day:
"I'm vain, vain, vain."
Mai Mai, do these look familar to you? and just so you know, THATS NOT ME!!! But no hints as to who it is tho X) Take a guess, shouldnt be too hard *wink*


Mai said... that your brother?? i have no idea!!but nice PJs ;) and WOwww I love your eye!!! it's so gorgeous, i have a weird fascination with eyes; ask rob. YOUR BUNNY IS SO CUTE, I WANT TO CUDDLE IT!!! haha awesome drink bottle!!! Good seeing ya again Felfel!! should catch up again soon!!! xox

FeLLi said...

ahhahah yeh damn he wouldnt let me take a foto of him wearing the top!!! he locked himself in the toilet and wouldnt let me *pouts* HAhAHhaHA eyes XD yah we must before u go back c.i. X)