Saturday, November 29, 2008


Finally got another thing off my mind today, booked my flight from perth to singapore so it looks like all systems GO in february *YAY-NESS* Tiger Airways was having a special, 50% off some of their flights, and as if by magic, the dates I wanted were the ones on special!!! WOO HOO!!! Atleast something is going right for me. So i think i saved 100 bucks if i didnt wait, so I'm super happy and i got window seats!!! Another thumbs up!!! *grins* Oh well, ill be lonely since I'm going by myself and coming home by myself, and the thought of catching a bus to KL by myself there and back kinda creeps me out, but hey, if zhen zhen can do it, so can I!!! *superman pose* Anyone know where i can get pepperspray? LOL! So yah, the reason i took Tiger was because the flight to KL direct would've cost me just a bit over $700 bucks via Airasia whereas Tiger only cost me $420, and the bust trip is apparently pretty cheap, which means MORE MONEY TO SPEND!!! puahaha!!!

So all in all, CANT WAIT TIL FEB!!!


Mai said...

Weeeee so gladd you've cheered up!! i'm on the island now :< and no one is here!! OMG WHY AM I HERE!!!!??? to see my parents keke! HoW EXCITING!! travelling to KL by yourself!! BE CAREFUL!!! Love you long time furball!!! xoxoox

FeLLi said...

AwWwwWWWw!!! I shall see u when u get back =D kekekke well... now uve got time to catch up on all the things you've wanted to do, like... read... and get a tan... wait u already have one!!! ME!!! bAhHAhAHHA!!! LAME!!! X)