Saturday, November 15, 2008

Farkin Spontaneous!!! OoPs!!! I swore... KINDA *wink*

So... It was an average Wednesday night.
LOL!!! You guys know what!?!? I spelt Wednesday as WENESDAY and noone managed to point this out to me until I was in first year uni... so 18... and MAN!!! THAT is a damn long time... Which made me think... WHAT THE HELL ARE TEACHERS FOR!?!?!? Noone bothered to show me how to spell out Wednesday properly in any of my primary school years, noone bothered to ask me why I abbreviated my days of the week to MON, TUE, WEN, THUR, FRI, SAT and SUN, until one day my uncle goes "What is WEN?" after reading a note I'd written down... but i digress... THIS was not the point I wanted to make LOL!!!

So BACK to Wednesday night!!! Instead of studying for my Genetics exam the next day, I procrastinated by watching House and Criminal Intent simultaneously. ARGH!!! WHY DO GOOD SHOWS HAVE TO BE ON AT THE SAME TIME!!! I'm rooting for House and Cuddy to get it OwRNnnNnnn!!! WeWWwW~~~ and procratination continued until 10-ish, where the guilt of not studying finally sunk in. Checked my mobile first and HmMMmm... missed calls from Wei Zhen... Oops!!! "she must want her jacket i stole from my asia cocktail puking episode back" i thought, and called her back. But aniways... Long story short... CHECK IT YO!!!
And the phone convo went a little like this:
WZ: Fel are you doing anything during the holidays?
WZ: Oh it's okay, that not important.
FEL: Eh? So wassup?!?!
WZ: Wanna go to Korea??????
FEL: Ehhh... WHAT!?!?
WZ: I found this deal, from KL to Korea for 800 bucks but if you wanna go you have to book before 12 tonight...
FEL: HAH?!?! but its 10!!!

and... One hour later... Refer to Figure above.

So in early Feb im gonna be jetting off to SEOUL BABY!!! and gonna get me some tall, handsome korean boys!!! I have to admit THIS is probably the MOST random and spontaneous decision I've made IN MY LIFE so far... I DIDNT EVEN HAVE TIME TO CONSULT MY PARENTS!!! But my parents being the awesome parents they are, i knew my @$$ would be safe from a spanking. I DO have a few things to note:
1. Need to buy ticket from here to KL anione noe where i can get cheap tickets???
2. It still hasn't sunk in and im not the least bit excited
3. I need to earn some MAJOR BIG BUCKS NOW
4. Im counting on the fact we'll hook up with some hot korean boys to show us around, otherwise i need to brush up on sign language... But im pretty sure korean boys speak tongue right??? HEH HEH HEH!!!

On another tangent, MY BUNNY IS SO FREEKIN GOD DAMN CUTEEEEEEEE!!! Oh yah, and i renamed him Muffin instead of Junki, cuz as much as i LOVE LOVE LOVE Lee Junki, it just wasn't sticking and i figured when i get Muffin a girlfriend, ill call her cupcake, so MUFFIN AND CUPCAKE FOREVER!!! NaWWwWWwWw!!! Anihoos i let it out in the garden for some exercise after i got home from my exam and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!! Running around histerically and trying to eat all my grandma's vegetables and doing BiNkiEs!!! (Binkies are a special rabbit jump they do when they are happy, their happy dance if you will!!! ) And then it started running circles around my feet which was the just CUTEST THING!!! I noticed he started shedding his winter fluff and it was starting from his butt, so i spent the afternoon pulling fluff out of his butt and i found it strangely effective at relieving after exams tension LOL!!! My bunny is also so cute when he sleeps!!! He looks like a baby!!! Especially when he's surrounded by all his baby toys i bought for him. Check out the pic!!! Its a bit hard to see since i took it through his cage but yah SQUINT BIATCH!!! SQUINT!!! It's worth it!!!


NoeLLe said...

YOUR GOING TO KOREA!!! *cries* ur soooo lucky!!! can i hide in ur luggage!!

FeLLi said...

LOL!!! of course you can noelle!!! X) we shall stalk and rape the dong bang boys mwaHAhAhahhA!!! >=)

Mai said...

hahaha.. I wanna come hide in your luggage with noelle!! lol mavis is jealous!! i wanna go travelling! so lucky :DDD