Saturday, November 29, 2008

boring blabber, you've been warned!!!

*urgh* okay... I've semi-crawled out of my emo shell that i have remained curled up in during the past week or so... *manages weak smile* onward to more kooler awesomer things... like... I FINALLY WENT TO THE DENTIST AFTER LIKE 5 YEARS!!! No... really... I haven't been to the dentist since I was in year 10 *cringes* anihoos... one of my teeth had a GINORMOUS CRATER... product of avoiding the dentist for a year... *cringes even more* yeh why am i even telling ANYONE this HAhAhaHhA it's so gross!!! Atleast it's been fixed, so feel free to give me kisses now *wink wink* But I've got 3 more cavities which are all pretty bad so *bleh* need to go back... *sulks* Which brings me to my next point, I bought health insurance since i knew all of this was coming and WHOA!!! My filling cost $255 and i only needed to pay $100 wEeEeEee~~~ I also need to get my wisdom teeth removed... I'm scared it will hurt since all 4 of them have erupted, some quite significantly T__T I went to take a OPG (x-ray thingo) of my teeth and i had to bit on this piece of plastic to stop my head from moving while this thing rotated around my head, yup, sci-fi moment for me hahaha... Anihoos enough about rotting teeth and health insurance... bet you're bored shitless... LOL!

Moving on to work... *yay* even more boring!!! HAhAhHA... Yes... SO FREEKING BUSYYYYY!!! *dies* but this week I'm working 5 days and next, 6 with lunch shifts and I CANT WAIT TO SEE MY BANK BALANCE!!! ArGh!!! But wait i must, so BoO hOo *sulks*

OH! OH!!! Bought some jelly to cheer me up, one of my favourite foods!!! YUP!!! THAT'S SOME DAMN GOOD SHIT RIGHT THERE!!! It's awesome cuz its got those lil pieces of stuff that are meant to be illegal cuz babies choke on them and die.
Camwhoring helps too. *hert hert*
On a whole bunch of random notes, I noticed a suspiciously large amount of bruises on my arms and legs... 16 to be exact... WTF!?!??! Have I been sleep walking or something i don't know about!?!?! and I went to buy some random stuff from priceline at garbo today and I FOUND THIS SUPER CUTE THING!!! dammit i wanna show!!! i wanna show!!! but i cant *sulks* it might end up being your christmas pressie so i dont wanna ruin it but its SO DAMN CUTE!!! i wanna eat it up *pouts* but i can't cuz its not actually edible HAhAHaHha there's a hint for you *wink* Also picked up a skinny smoothie from BOOST, and yeh i'm not on a diet, fuck that LOL!!! But i don't like smoothies cuz they have bananas and their ice crushes are rather bland, so last time i gave mini me mango, mango mini me, mini mango me... some shit like that a try and i was really pleasantly surprised since it had yoghurt in it and I'm also quite dubious about drinks with yoghurt too. So this time, tried berry berry smoothie or something can't remember the name either and it was really nice too!!! And ladies, the amount of calories it contains is equivalent to an apple so go for it bitches!!! Anihoos i usually don't swear on my blog, apart from the occasional WTF, so excuse the language dear, I decided I'm angry at the world today *sticks out tongue* No not really... I just feel like swearing a lot. You see, working like a bitch for 7 hours doesn't help with your politeness capiche??? Neither does 2:30 in the morning. Why the fuck am I still awake and blogging about random shit anyways!?!?!? If you got this far, I applaude you. Enter the codeword "FUCKING NOOB" along with your name and address in the comment box to recieve you're prize.


Mai said...

MM yeah i needa get rid of my wisdoms too, i also don't have health insurance, should really look into that. BTW - best boost ever; green tea mango mantra! I LOVE IT! swearing is therapy, yeh i dunno i made it up! TAKE CARE SUNSHINE!! oxoxo

FeLLi said...

oh, atleast im not the only one! LOL! OOoOOOo i shall try that next time i walk past boost X) lurve u baby!!! kekekek