Monday, November 19, 2007

firstestest postestestestestest O_O

So... i think this is my 3rd attempt at keeping a blog... *shifty eyes* but im DETERMINED to make it WORK this TIME!!! *heroic pose with clenched fist*

Wat can i say... i think life has been good to me right now *nods* i feel more alive than i have been in a long time ^^ meeting new people and learning new things, my heart doesnt feel so empty.

pic of SHMOOGOO!!!
On saturday, SHMOOGOO, my bowl of seafood went hyper all over msn @_@", but i found the trick to make him obey is to bribe him with SCHMAKOS!!! *dangles schmakos over shmoogoo's head* and by some miracle i had enuff energy to go to metros coming out of that convo because wen u leave the comp for 5 secs to pick up ur fone and come back to 5 pages of NEW shmoogoo spazz, u need ALOT of energy to catch up @_@" now got fetch me my newspaper shmoogoo!!! *shakes fist* kkekek my frend finally convinced me to go clubbing and im glad i did cuz turned out to be the BESTEST CLUBBING TIME I EVER HAD X) no, i didnt drink, i just met a lot of my frends, especially Chuong my ex-calc frend cuz it was his bday also (damn i shouldve shouted him a B151!!!), and they made all the difference ^^ its funni tho, i saw a lot of my work buddies from atruim and most of them... yah i say hi to them and ask them how their exams went, u noe the usual chit-chat u make wen u dont know sumone that well... but at metros wen we all saw each other... TOTALLY DIFFERENT STORY! its like *eye contact*, *super grin* *pointing at each other*, then comes the huge HEYYYYY!!!! and *HUG HUG* hahahah i guess music brings us together ekkekek ^^

Sunday... i went grocery shopping and i was so happy because i found boree cha which i was really desperate for X) and at the counter the total came to $27.30 but my wallet only had $27.25 so i was fishing around in my bag for change but the lady let me off so i SAVE 5 CENTS!!! so if i save 5 CENTS here and ANOTHER 5CENTS THERE, i can go to the 10 CENT STORE!!! and i was so happy and day dreaming about dbsk i drove home only to look in my shopping bag and wonder why 2 cup noodles and a bottle of vinegar cost me $27.25!!! GREATTT! i left the OTHER bag at the counter so i had to drive all the way back to get it and the lady was smiling at me wen i walked in ekkeke then i made kimchi jeon and bulgogi which i really liked how it turned out ^^ but too bad noone was home when they were still warm and crispy *sigh*

Today... i went to 2 different grocery stores all the the name of nashi pear... and no luck... *sob sob* i really wanted to make kalbi jim... =__=" guess they are not in season animore... well... i ended up making mu kimchi (radish) ^^ which i really like atm kekeke and then i went to church with my frends and today was really special because one of my frends was the leader and another one was the chairman, and also because it was my first time i got prayed for, and im very thankful in my heart ^^

Now im looking forward to tomorrow X) which i have the feeling will be another great day life has given to me kekeke

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