Saturday, December 8, 2007

I can't believe im awake even though i slept at 3 O_o" but i fink that's because my dad barges into my room at 9:30 with a piece of paper that says "pick my lil bro up from chinese school at 11:30!!!" (since last last week noone told me and he waited 2 hours and was crying and last week he waited 1 and a half hours since NOONE REMINDED ME since they all expected me to remember... BIG MISTAKE!!! incompetent lil child here!!! *points to self with BOTH HANDS*) and asks me where he should put the paper and i WAS K.Oed at the time but somehow managed to point to my forehead and he put it there, and i fell into the really light but "not really sleeping" sleep so eventualy i rolled out of bed at 10:30 and im still in disbelieve *rubs eyes* *pinches self* yeh im awake dudes!!! *gasps*

Yesterday at work i practically had to look after a section BY MY SELF *dies* I WAS SUPPOSED TO ONLY BE LOOKING AFTER 2 TABLES!!! but the supervisor sent almost everyone working in my section home at 9pm, and 2 tables turned into 15!!! WTH!!! *dies* and i was running around nonstop @_@" screw weightwatchers man!!! join atruim!!! well ill take solace in the fact that by next thursday... SOMEONE is going to be LOADED BABY!!! muAHhAHAH!!! DBSK CHIGEUM KAGO ISSUH!!! X)

I've just realised how short my days are becoming, especially since work takes up half of it! I haven't gotten round to almost ANYTHING and i can't help but feel a little unproductive... *sigh* korean has been on the backburner for a while and i haven't gone grocery shopping for AGES so that means i havent cooked anything for a long time either, not to mention that my car and room are BOTH covered with a layer of dust 1inch thick. Lecture notes are still piled up in the corner of my room and my car's 5000km service is slowly turning into a 8000km service... I know i can stand being around such imcompleteness but... do i really want to? I want to amount to something...

Well that was an easy way to waste half an hour ^^ off to pick up my lil bro from chinese schoolies so ddobozza peoples!!! X)


Mai said...

I know what you mean ay, image working 9 - 5 everyday, you're too tired when u get home to do anythingg!! I've been workin quite a lot these weeks as well :) <33

Mai said...