Thursday, December 6, 2007


Change is something I'm usually not keen on... I like the securtity of knowing that when I look back, everything is in its place. Even though I've become a DBSK fanatic, my fandom still hasn't given me the will to pull down those Nicholas Tse posters I put up so many years ago, and I wouldn't know how to eat dinner at home if i didn't eat with the same type of spoon everynight. Call me crazy but everything has its own place in my room, my life, my heart... Collecting things is easy, and it's letting go that's not so simple. I'm clinging on to all the things I know and have but what will I do when it's time for me to step up and into the real world?

Hmmm... It's amazing how washing my bed sheets turned into such philosophy... It's only that pulling up the sheets messed up all the pillows, JUST when everything shuffled around and found its place. And now that it's bed time, I've begun to feel
s l i g h t l y sentimental... *sniff* well hopefully when i wake up everything would have reshuffled back, and I'm back to my normal self kekkeke...

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Mai said...

I'm one that does not embrace change that easily as well - :)