Tuesday, December 4, 2007

sand up my pants =P

Yesterday i got to see shmoogoo's DOGGIES!!! XD AwWwWWw!!! SO CUTE!!! like WHITE FLUFF BALLS!!! IM IN LOVE!!! I WANNA TAKE DEM HOME!!! ARGH!!! I WANT A DOG!!! mizu was scared of me *sad face* but atleast zuki liked me XD after patting them i fink i turned into a fluff ball myself O_o" and me and shmoogoo headed off to cottesloe!!! erms... the people driving behind me must've thought i was on drugs or something cuz all they wouldve seen was my hands throwing the fluff out of the sunroof ^^"

Was kinda windy and after casing out the joint, we found somewhere to dump our stuff and shmoogoo went to swim while i was... f r o l i c k i n g (caroline's word) along the shore ^^ but then i ended up getting all wet so frolick turned into swimming, which i havent done since new year's day but the water was actually REALLY NICE!!! even though the wind was cold *YAY* Then shmoogoo went to sunbake since he's so white and all... but i fink the sun would've prolly bleached him anyways so... NOOOOOO BINGOOOOO ^^

When ur at the beach u HAVE to dig a massive hole and cover SOMEONE up so...

UGH!!! so NOT KOOL!!! i SPENT SOOO LONG trying to cover him up and he gets up like he's just woken up from bed *sigh*

My turn!!! kekeke my first time getting buried in sand O_o"

Checking out the scenery, we were confronted with 2 dudes in what appeared to be their underwear and to make matters WORSE, one or the guy's was WHITE *DIES* and the other dude's was red and somehow... those 2 running down the beach together seemed... oh i dunno... SO GAYYYYYY!!! and dunt get me started when those 2 started going swimming!!! *DIES AGAIN*

By then, the cold and wind was starting to take its toll and i was starving since i never at lunch so shmoogoo test drove my car to freo to get fish and chips (which i havent eaten since i was a lil kid) and WHAT?!?!? my car handles OKAY ONLY!??!?! *DIES for the third time* if anyone is looking for me... ill be in the corner with my hands over my ears and rocking back and forth in foetal position pretending i SO DIDNT HEAR THAT!!!
My super HAPPY fish and chips ^______^v

shmoogoo's errr... emo fish and chips...

After we went back to shmoogoo's house and i got to PLAY WITH HIS DOGGIES AGAIN!!! *YAYYYYYYYY* and this time mizu liked me!!!!!!!! *YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY* SO CUTEEEEEEEEE!!! *PAT PAT PAT PAT PAT PAT PAT PAT AWAYYYYYYYYY* then we played big2 and i had the BESTEST CARDS EVER!!! *does victory dance* but then shmoogoo hell kicked me in memory @_@" ahhh wells XD To finish off a long day, o2jammed the night away until i was so tired i could've almost fell asleep on my keyboard and dribbled all over it and electrocuted myself X)


hm said...

fel! ur blogging again!!!! =DD

FeLLi said...

kekekek yes and im DETERMINED to make this one LAST!!! X)

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