Sunday, December 2, 2007

more of a kid than usual ^^

YES!!! my pet miao miao's happiness meter if FINALLY FULL!!! MuAHhAhaH!!! so that means enough people have come to my blog and he has eaten enough food to be FULLY happy!!! *YAY* moving on...

Despite the weather forcast, off i went kite flying with my kite i made in year... 8 or 9 (YEH! i still had it!!! ^^v) and my jae joongie shirt (JAE JOONG LUV IS ENDLESS!!! kekeke) and maybe i should've listened to the weather man *shifty eyes* kekeke well...
Here i am all wet and cold

Poor Kim and her cute lil woof woof met up with me and shmoogoo while it was raining ^^" so she didnt stay for long but MY KITE WAS AWSOME!!!

It was SO HIGH kekkeke and DONT TELL ME U CANT SEE IT!!! U HAVE TO!!! SQUINT DAMMIT SQUINT!!! its that little dot up in the sky X) *hint: its the lil dot between the tree and the blue patch of sky slightly left of centre of the photo!!! SQUINT HARDER DAMMIT!!!
So this was shmoogoo and kent trying to fly his kite

And this was ACTUALLY how high his kite flew

Some how i knew my homemade kite made from satay sticks and plastic bag would be more FAR more superior *insert evil laugh, thunder and lightning here*

Kent's FIRST time flying a kite *GASPS*

So after shmoogoo tangled me up in the kite string for the millionth time while i was STILL ACTUALLY flying the kite(see the string is still tight!), kent went home and i was left with free roam of the ENTIRE PLAYGROUND!!! MUAHhAHA!!! *rubs hands with glee*
First stop, seeing how far we could throw gumnuts into my pond, and once again, my throw was far more superior than shmoogoo's, who threw like a girl *shifty eyes* OKAY!!! THIS time i lied... it was the opposite... *hangs head in shame* and i resorted to throwing gumnuts at the ducks instead =__=" but they didnt even FLY AWAY!!! how... NOT... dramatic... i mean if IIIIIII was a duck and some annoying kid did that to me, i'd stab them!!! WHAT!?!?! dont look at me like dat!!! POLICE CANT ARREST DUCKS!!! see??? u have to use ur logiccc
Next stop, some huge thing that looked like a spider web. So of course you have to sing the spider pig song for added effect, and the top was like a hammock WHOAAA!!! i could sleep there all day! After i went on the swings where my butt was too big to fit in the swing designed for a 3 year old, so naturally when shmoogoo pushed me really high into the air i flew off and landed RIGHT ON MY @$$!!! So i finally learnt my lesson... and then i went on the other swing that was a tyre and i never felt more like a ping pong ball since shmoogoo pushed me and i was boucing off the poles and got spun around until i was super dizzy ahhahha dat was fun ^^v then went on the springy see saw thing where i bounced so much my butt hurt kekkeke and i played in the pirate ship that was full of sand but that was SO BORING!!! But I think my childhood spirit has been rekindled ^^

Then i had to go to work and i was 45 mins LATE @_@" cuz i didnt realise there was the Veronica's concert going on... ARGH had to park at belmont racecourse... SO ANNOYING!!!

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Mai said...

Awww looked like heaps of fun :) me and rob bought a kite for his lil sister last time, its a colourful rooster :D it flies occasionally when the wind picks up :) Xxx luvv ya