Friday, December 7, 2007

On the Verge of Bulimia

I've FINALLY gotten round to posting about buffet night at atrium on wenesday night ^^
Started off with me starving myself the WHOLE DAY (yeh u noe, typical azn style huh? kekeke) were i almost died then when we finally got there my friend got our table 3 carrafes of lemon lime bitters for FREE *YAY* kekekke and off to the dessert section i went and i got every single dessert there!!! *acts proud* but the desserts were SO GAY!!! and to make things worse, when i worked the day after (yesterday) THEY WERE SO MUCH BETTER!!! GAYNESS!!! *bangs head on table* After saving all the desserts, went to get all the entree stuff and god i couldnt be stuffed to peel the prawns man @_@" and then shmoogoo, anthony and me all pushed in with lisa and bae yong jun when we went to get mains but everything looked so... unappetising =P Caroline came by then and she got a speeding ticket!!! *GASPS* omg i didnt noe she loved us THAT MUCH kekekke X) and shmoogoo ended up getting like 20 siew mai ahHAHhaha By the time i finished mains i was kinda full so moving on to the desserts brought me THIS CLOSE to bulimia *bleh* ate so much felt like i was going to puke (sowwies if thats too much info dudes kekeke) and i decided... i NEVER wanna go to buffet EVER AGAIN!!! okies... well... i wouldnt say NEVER ^^"
Shuffled off to (A)LURE after and i kinda like it more than MINQ kekkeke maybe cuz its brighter and not so dark and velvety ^^" but they are both really kool!!! Chilled there for a little while then anthony and his sis and her frend left and caroline couldnt come to karaoke since she had work the next day =( so that left mishi, bae yong jun, lisa, shmoogoo and me to get our own party started and we got parking right infront of gelare *YAY* ^^v but i was kinda tired and i stole shmoogoo's corner in the karaoke room muHAhAHhA was a damn good corner too X) MIAHNAE SHMOOGOO X) then we went home at around 1ish XD
Sowwies boring post today guys =P but here are some photos from the buffet ^^
Ugh! yucky dessert man!
Bae Yong Jun and Lisa Lovin' at the table *wink*
Anthony with his gangster pose kekeke ^^
Me and some innocent looking lil kiddy i saw at the buffet and i convinced him to take a photo with me yeh... pedophilia HAhaHha
Me and Caroline Camwhoring
and some more camwhoring
and some MORE cam whoring
Bae Yong Jun was kind enough to drop in from korea from his hectic schedual to dine with us X)
WHOA!!! talk about TWO TIMING!!!
Mishi wishi why u look so sleepy ah??? ^^

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ooO nice pics, <3 ;)