Sunday, July 6, 2008


SoOoOooO BORED... man... SUX not being able to drive but i guess i brought it upon myself T__T and to think... one more year of this... *sigh* life seems so gloomy now... i never realised i was such a bad person...

ANIHOOS... i resorted to painting my nails =P
Found some maybelline indigo colour i got in the DOLLY showbag from the royal show in yr9... hrmz... 6 year old nail polish =P... but surprisingly... STILL GOOD!!! *thumbs up* X) and some... bronze with a purple tinge (i guess???) i found on my mummy' table and used some toothpicks to dot some lil hearts on and... OMG how TEDIOUS!!! ESPECIALLY when i had to do my right hand using my left @_@"

Left hand: dodgey... but im proud of the ring finger *tear* ^^"

Right hand: Still dodgey... but i give myself credit since im not left-handed X) and once again... Only the ring finger seems half decent...

So what is with the ring fingers being the only nice ones man?!?! OhHHhHH i know!!! They are reserved for Yunho oppa only *wink wink*

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