Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Blah, Blah, Blah (could'nt think of a title =P)

Met up with Noelle, Noelle... Noelle, Noelle... Noelle, Noelle... Noelle, Noelle♫, Lisa weesa , and *Ali berry* in the city today for lunch at Jaws *yum yum* and results were... *drumroll*

1st place went to Fel, with8 plates (32 bucks man!!! =P)
2nd place went to Ali, with 7 plates (yeh I know, im jut too awesome *smirks*)
3rd place went to Noello and Lisa, tying with 3 plates and a bowl of udon each =D
OMG!!! FINALLY got to try edamame!!!For those of you who don't know what they are, they are baby soybeans in the pod and I came across them in my bento phase last time ^_^v and I LIKE THEM!!! X) okay, it's not like they are something SUPER AMAZING and you're gonna fall off your chair once you pop one in your mouth, but they make a good snack and you can only love them as much as a person possibly could love a bean, but I was pleasantly surprised ^^

After lunch, we walked around aimlessly for a while and stopped to check out a group of lil kids who were getting the miming dude (see left, yeh you know him =D) to molest himself LOL and also stopped by the korean store to pick up some korean ice cream *YAY* Of course we had to camwhore first before devouring them!!! GO TEAM!!! But Ali was being a bum so no photos of him =P

Doing what we do best *wink*
Noello and Me:
Lisa and me:
After some "Where do you wanna go?", "I dunno =___=", "Where are we going guys?", "Aliiii, you decide! *pout* Be a man! Do the right ting!", "I was following you!!!", "but...I was following youuu!!!", we threw in our hats and decided to call it a day because what were we THINKING!??!?! OF COURSE Ali couldn't be a man!!! I kid, I kid ^^" I was pretty tired aniways.

Oh yeh... Speaking of camwhoring!!! Here are some pics of me new sunnies I bought the day before. $10!!! BAAAAA-gain!!! Me likeyyy! X)

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Mai said...

AWESOME SUNNIES, i want a pair or aviator looking sunnies ...i saw somewhere haha ! WE SHOULD CATCH UP but im on ci right now poo :P