Tuesday, July 15, 2008

SCADOOSH!!! I used to look like two of my moms put together...

Went to watch Kung Fu Panda and Get Smart today with my two little brothers and they were so excited!!!
One got into the whole panda thing while the other one... well... he got excited cuz he thought we were going to bake a cake of some kind, cuz he's retarded. Jking lah! i didn't really mean that ^^v

Kung Fu Panda was awesome!!! Some people think it overrated but I did have some good laughs and found it pretty enjoyable X) If my opinion matters to anyone, I give it a 8/10!!! hehe... I only wish they made the movie a little longer, it went by WAYYY too fast. *pouts* Okies... I'm off to learn the technique of the Wu Shu Finger and next time anyone tries to eat my food... SCADOOSH!!! *grins*

Maxwell: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Chief: I don't know. Were you thinking, "Holy shit! Holy shit! A sword fish almost went through my head"!? If so, then yes!!!
I always loved Get Smart when I was a little kid and I remember when I used to watch the show riddled with amusement on my little tv in the afternoons *nostalgic moment* When I first found out the movie of Get Smart was coming out I was actually slightly annoyed because I didn't think the movie would be able to, in any way, live up to the testament of the series and Anne Hathaway didn't even look like Agent 99! But it just goes to show, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. I haven't laughed that much in a movie for AGES and it was totally hilarious!!! X) I give it a 9.5/10 hehe! All I want to add is that when the movie ended, it was a sucker punch to the gonads!

In other news, I bought these cute shoes I found in target last week and thought I'd flaunt them off here ^^ Both my brothers think they are tacky tho, but I say stuff u pplz! X)

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Mai said...

FELLLLL!!!!!!hahaha yeah iv seen both kung fu panda and get smart how good were they!??! YOUR BROTHERS ARE SO FUNNY hahah ^^;MISS YA LOVE YAAAA