Monday, July 14, 2008


Sipped my strawberry daiquiri whilst enjoying the company of a couple of friends in the warm yet mysterious ambiance of the Spice Lounge yesterday night... *dramatic silence*
This was soon followed by major CAMWHORING!!! MUAhAHhAHHAhAHhA!!! *stops in tracks* oh damn... =____=" i used my new camera and i dunno how to resize photos... Lucky for you, u'll be spared from me and yee yang's face overload so just 2 for now =P
Met up with Michelle and we all hopped over to MINQ where we chatted about vegetables and blue legs and what yee yang does during chinese new year before heading home.

Today i made the BAD BAD BADDDDD decision to go shopping... *guilty look* Left with nothing and came back with TREASURE!!! ARrRRRrR me hearties!!! Yes... No more shopping for the rest of the holidays ^^"
Waiting for the guilt of buying a $189 GUESS bag (when insurance won't be covering my crash) to kick in and make me RETURN THE DAMN THING *drools* *hating* *drools* *hating* GUILT WHERE ARE YOU!?!??! =____="
ONE DAY i'll need to be a good wife for yunho and the buying of this cookbook on the food of spain will be justified!!! X)
*Meh* crappy post... brain not working =P i shall just show off my artistic camera skills mwehehe... i call this one "I was meant to be a Girl"... LaDeeDa~ X)
This one was courtesy of taraneh baronay (me and shrek were meant for each other )

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