Sunday, May 18, 2008

DRUNK too much

Waking up to a beautifully glorious day, I looked out towards the baby blue that lay just past my window and I thought to myself, "Ahhh, life is good!"...

And then it hits me like a brick...




FIRST of all, while I was waiting for my friend to withdraw money from a Bankwest ATM some dude walked past behind me and MOLESTED MY @$$!!! And 2 police were standing a few meters away!!! See, my point is, this would’ve NEVER happened at a Westpac ATM!!! VIOLATED!!! SO VERY VIOLATED!!! Moving on…

On the contrary to what people might think, I DO remember most of what happened last night... Unless I forgot it, which is why I think I remember everything *scratches head* but NEVERTHELESS!!! IM MAINTAINING MY STANCE ON THIS!!! *shakes fist*

So... To all those who fortunate people who managed to escape witness... Last night, me went, metros, and, not good *points to the sky with much gusto and stumble, stumble* I think thats how it went pretty much... a midori and sprite, two tequila shots, one B151, a jagerbomb and a vodka fire engine later...

Seeing as it was our supervisor's birthday, I joined the Atrium crew at metros to GET OUR SUPERVISOR DRUNK!!!YEHHHHH!!! And it was funny!!! HAhAHah!!! But somehow, I managed to get drunk too... and oh man, I've never been so drunk... and NO!!! I didnt say it was your turn to laugh!!! *pouts* But WHOAAAA... I DID figure out a few things: When your drunk, crappy music doesnt exist, and neither does time, or english... 5 hours of metros speaking like how I did back in kindy, and I didnt even realise O_O" *rubs eyes* Otherwise, it was a good time to practise chinese with Michelle and Caroline who I serendipitously bumped into mwehehe~ Now wo de hua yi hen hao *proud grin*

So any other highlights I’ve missed, let me know ^^v But lets see... I remember:

  • me and michelle surveying the bars for hot guys to buy us drinks to no avail since we ran out of money so then we just took advantage of drunk Gideon LOL
  • sleeping in a threesome with Caroline and Gideon until we got told by the security guard that we weren’t allowed to O_o”
  • A LOT of cheek pinching *stares down David and Kenny*
  • Anthony getting tipsy when we were JUST getting started and then going MIA
  • Layton and COME ON!!!
  • The kool jagerbomb *ding ding ding ding ding* thing
  • Thang not holding his end of the deal when we agreed he would DOUBLE which ever 2 shots I took (someone’s gonna get philliped!!!)
  • Me and Sheldon’s 3 year old-sounding convo
  • Convincing Kam I was SO NOT DRUNK *stumbles off into the crowd*
  • My reunion with my 2nd cousin
  • Gav is awesome!!!
  • Chuong and Miguel and Gideon… carrying me back to my car parked after the first (I meant third!!! ^^”) traffic light
  • Michelle covering my butt with Loong’s jacket while we were walking to my car
  • Caroline looks sexy driving my car
  • UWA
  • MY pillow Michelle!!! >_<"
  • Making out with Caroline before she tucked me into bed HAhAHhahA!!! SEE!!! TOLD u MICHELLE!!! IMMMM lesbian with Caroline!!! *sticks out tongue*

Got home around 5:30 i think??? and i still manage to spontaneously wake up at 10:30 O_o"

T’was an AWESOME night and I’m now indebted to A LOT of people ^^” THANKS SOOOOO MUCH for looking after me!!! and hopefully last night was the last sighting of my black underwear EVER!!! X__x"

Much much much love



Mai said...

Hahaha fel drunk, i wanna c c! :P Sounds like fun!! missed ya take care hunni bun! Love you truckloads!

Liru said...

you alco!!!
i havent been to metros or drank that much in yonks hahaha.. after exams after exams!!