Saturday, April 26, 2008


Have you ever noticed time slipping away from you? Those moments are rare for me... Minutes turn into hours and hours turn into days and days turn into weeks, months, years... and then I look at myself in the mirror and wonder how I could have ever been so unproductive with my time and the whole cycle begins again...

So this is a brief account of what I've been doing with my time int the recent past, productive, unproductive, in all its glory...

Thusday last week:

MY BABY IS BACK!!! FINALLY!!! BOGO SHIPPOSO!!! *smothers it in hugs and kisses* I like the feel of cold metallic black and grey leather *smirks*

Saturday last week:

FINALLY!!! a jjigae pot to call my own and my first taste of dwenjang jjigae MmMmmMmm better than i expected since dwenjang doesnt look exactly appetizing but in the end i wanted to eat it so much i ended up burning my tongue =P

Monday this week:
Shopping for caroline's bday pressie with SEXYLIA *winks* followed by korean ice cream and mashmallow fest and we should BAN shmoogoo from paint... yes we should...

Wenesday this week:

Felli got the CHOP!!! and everyone goes: "FINALLYYY!!!" kekkeke and incase you wanna ask, NOOO i did NOT cry when it got cut off and YES i DID keep my hair kekekek in fact, its on my table right now hehehe~~~

Thursday this week:
Caz and Kim's 21st SUPER AWSOME BDAY PARTYYYYY kekekke everyone was looking DAYMMMM FINEEEEEEEEEEEEEE especially the bday girls themselves!!! Much love *does heart shape with the arms* my darling growing up *wipes tear from eye*

Friday this week:

Zanetta's Birthday Lunch at ROYAL on waterfront... wahhhhh wat a sexy place!!! Just as sexy as the birthday girl herself X)

Saturday (today!!!):
Felli FINALLY gets around to blogging about it all *grins*


Mai said...

FREAKY U KEPT YOUR HAIRRR!!! Waahhh i wanna taste your cooKin, you should coOk for me one day!!! I LOVE YOUR NEW HAIR DO ITS SOOOO COOL!!!! miss you heaps babe, love ya lotsa xoxo

Liru said...

OMG I CANT BELIEVE U CHOPPED IT OFF!! what happened to the growing it super super long and dying it super super blonde??
ahhh it looks really good i wish i could cut my hair that short!!

FeLLi said...

Thanks!!! ^^ hahhaha yehhhh im DISAPPOINTED i didnt get to the gangster phase!!! *shakes fist* OH liruuuuuuuuuuu u look good with ANY hair cut X)