Thursday, November 5, 2009


You guys got the joke of the title right? XD If not... it's okay, some people just cant be as awesome as me EVER, EVER, EVER... =P teeheehee
Wow is has been uber long since i last blogged! Not to mention since i wrote up a proper entry O_o"
I guess this blog is the actual manifestation of procrastination since it's that awesome time we love to call *drumroll please* exam timeeeeee *cheesey grin and 2 thumbs up*. Yes... unfortunately... i made the stupid decision to tell the bf to CHANGE THE PASSWORD TO MY FACEBOOK!!! *bangs head on table, and then on wall and well u get the point* =______________=" Now i have to find some other way to procrastinate and since there are no new emails, i've checked every blog i've ever bookmarked and ran out of things i want to google... i am finding solace in the arms of my poor abandoned blog... Yes, because my ladies, your blog will always want u, not like those douchebags who say their yours forever one minute and are nowhere to be seen the next, but i digress... and that was just an imaginary chip on my shoulder btw! XD Yes, yes really! i love... men??? O___x"... okay man... okay wait... men... bf + dbsk = men *happy face*. Although... i hope the bf never ends up reading this or it may very well become a sad face. O_O"

Anihoos just ignore the thought process going on just then, i actually wanted to blog about something else! You know the moment you find a purpose for yourself? The moment you realise that you can make something of youself, and life no longer seems to start in the morning and end at night, but moves forward into the distance? I now realise it doesn't have to come in the form of a giant, life-altering BANG! The pivotal moment comes when u look inward and discover you had the potential all along. It was just wrapped up and waiting for you to open it. I have plans! It's nothing major, I've just found a use for myself and a place to divert my energy. For those who've already found their path, I can now say to them "I get it, I'll join your happy dance and Im so happy for you" because
right now, Im living on a high and its just so exciting!

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Mai said...

Does this path include rays of x's ?