Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Bonsai

So I heard about this new japanese place on Roe St in Northbridge called The Bonsai, the building with trees painted on the outside. I decided to try it out with the bf and it turned out to be pretty good and most importantly, different. Im so sick of eating the same food in different places just cuz Perth is so small, so noone needs to set themselves apart from the pack. The food is modern japanese fusion (i guess?) and is reasonably priced for us uni students with smaller (but more L337) wallets XD The menu consists of several types of sushi "with a modern twist" for around $8, a whole list of share plates ranging from $7 to $12 and only 3 mains, including teri chicken, teri steak and... salmon i think. It's the perfect place to get a decent and scrumptious snack before met-hoes or just to lounge around and chitchat over some cake. We found out it was Soon's classmate who owns the joint! Small world XD

We ordered 2 rounds of food (7 dishes and 2 slices of cake) cuz i have the appetite of a man ^^" We ordered smoked salmon and californian sushi rolls which were really good (They didnt skimp on the prawn in the cali roll which was awesome XD), Golden Crab Claws were okay but no "real" crab seemed to be in them, Teristeak = awesome, Cheesy pork katsu rolls, Tuna sashimi bites were not too bad and the takoyaki was... *meh* a little soggy but i guess if i've never had real ones fresh of the girdle i wouldn't know any better.

Pics of the food (I think I was too hungry so i didnt take much fotos):
Teri Steak was really yummy *drool*
Cheesy pork katsu rolls were pretty good but i think more cheese would've made it totally more awesome XD
Huggy S&P shakers! Reminds me of Bangkok XD
Green Tea Mouse Cake... i think... anihoos it was REALLY BAD... in a "block of gelatinous crap" kinda way XP
Some strawberry cake... i cant remember the name =P It was okayYyyYy but nothing amazing


Mai said...

yay for restaurant review! I wanna eat there!!!! i still needa try that japanese place at bullcreek that u told me about!!!

Rosy said...