Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's Britney BITCH!

So I've FINISHED EXAMS!!! WOOT!!! and I'm pretty sure that I've *touch wood* FINISHED MY DEGREE!!! XD It's time for celebration and i kicked it off with the Britney Circus concert!!! XD Hard to pass up getting the chance to see her when it only cost 50 smackeroos!!! So there has been heapsss of scathing reviews but here is my 2 cents worth (I went on the second night): The costumes were crazy fabulous, the props were damn awesome, Britney was looking pretty sexy and so was her dancing. I loved it and i dont get all the hype. The only thing missing was maybe some exotic looking animals but then the RSPCA might have jumped on Britney's ass too, so that's all understandable. She even sang a couple of songs and i was surprised she could actually sing. She also an effort to talk more to the audience and damn that lucky guy who practically got a lapdance from britney and 2 other dancers!!! I guess if i were one of the people who paid $200, i think i would have felt it was just worth my money cuz for that amount of money i'd like to see her for more than 1 and a half hours but i guess they have to cover the cost of all the swarovski studded bras and short skirts Britney wore somehow.

The Legendary Britney Spears:
Hit me baby one more time!

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Mai said...

I like that umbrella she's sitting on!! haha looked cool! $50 woo! Love ya felllby :D xox