Saturday, June 6, 2009


So it has been a while since I abandoned my poor blog all those many many months ago =( I had a post about my korea trip lined up when I got back but after a series of unfortunate events mixed in with my laziness, it all seems so irrelevant now =P Seeing as it's exam time right now, I guess it's time to get back into the game... of procrastinating... X)

So a few days ago I rounded up the bunnies, buckled up the lil bro, the bf and his dog Kobe, and drove to the park near my house. I felt bad for not being able to let muffin and cupcake run around the garden cuz they'd run into the bushes and never come back and I'd cry so... I had a lightbulb moment! I remembered there was actually a fenced off area at the park near my house so destination unknown became destination KNOWN!!! *ZING* Unfortunately... I soon found out that the fence had spaces large enough at the bottom tha
t the bunnies could fit through so I just let them run around in the sandpit and when they strayed to close to freedom i gots the doggie to round 'em up back to the sandpit LOL! How awesome! XD Anihoos muffin being a muffin just lay in the sandpit most of the time... *sigh* he's so fat he looks like a loaf of bread!!! But atleast cupcake took advantage of the space and ran around... like the determined bossy boots she is =P

Pics from a photoshoot i did for them... Too bad they paid me in carrots... *sigh*

Greedy lil things... =P

Introducing... Miss Cupcake:
Love Love LOVE this pic of the handsome fellow:


They love pooh bear and friends!!! <3

Evil bunny comes out at night!!! MuAhHAhAhAH!!! >=)


Mai said...

AHHHHHH!!!!!!! YOURE BUNNIES ARE SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! Did u get a taller fence?? Thought they could jump out? They are soo adorable! Must see them again sometime :):):) GL FOR EXAMS GIRL!!!! MISS YOU SO MUCH! MUCH LOVIN' xoxoxo <333

FeLLi said...

nah i didnt cuz im too poor =((( they can but they dont XD i left them outside for the whole afternoon until evening before and they stay put hehehe they good bunnies X) oh except one time when i left a box in there for them to play with and muffin jumped on it and out ^^" yahhhh i wanna see snowflake!!! XD ALL THE BEST FOR EXAMS FOR U TOOOOO!!! MISSIN YA MOREEEEEEEEE <3