Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Quick goodbye and hello =)

Hi everyone!!! long time no blog eh? This is just a quick goodbye to everyone!!! i ran out of credit 2 days before leaving and i thought there wuld be no point buying credit until i get back aniways =P So be good while im gone pplz!!! I will miss you all dearly my darlings!!! T_T Im at Changi airport in Sg right now, gotta be quick since i only get 15 mins on the comp!!! ARGH!!! so i think i did pretty well, im still alive =D made my way from the budget terminal (looks like $#!T btw) to terminal 1... sucks cuz terminals 2 and 3 have the awesome stuff =P almost forgot to bring my suitcase with me while i was walking away from a cafe ^^" but that was about it heheheh im off to KL in an hrs time so must get through all the duty free shops before i leave! XD Im off to korea on the 6th of Feb! A LIL bit worried... about my ass getting frozen off O_o" anihoos i hope you guys arent partying too hard without me!!! have fun guys!!! see you all again in like 2 weeks =D

much love,
FeL XoXo <3

1 comment:

NoeLLe said...

Omg FELL u left when I just got back home :(
Hope u have an awesome awesome time tho cos u sooo deserve it!! If u see Rain tell him to visit perth :) hehehe enjoy urself!