Friday, January 2, 2009

2 - 0 - 0 - 9, Let the good times begin!!!

Not much celebration for me since I was working new years eve and celebrations at atrium continued into the new year, but all was not lost!!! For i did enter it in style!!! The soaking-wet-in-champagne kind. The guys had bottles ready and poised during the count down and let loose on everyone standing closeby, and hey, sharing is caring so i poured some on their heads for revenge *smirks* then we resorted to throwing chanpagne in left over glasses in each others faces, which was fine until it went in our eyes O_o" burns i tells ya! keke... Then ran around all of atrium finding all my workmates and giving them a warm champagne hug X) Then had a champagne throwing session with aileen in the kitchen and when we ran out of that, we resorted to jugs of water HAhA and i ran out the kitchen before she could get me but slipped and fell on my ass. Everyone had a good laugh *pouts* but it was gross cuz the carpet JUST outside the kitchen is FILTHY and since it got wet, when i stood up my hands were all black and slimy and later i found out the crap soaked through my pants into my underwear making it black too!!! (too much info guys? ^^") So for guys who stayed dry, like ken, i couldnt let that happen! So on the champagne went! I started a war and it resulted in coke getting poured in my hair and sprite being flung at ken and jacky *evil cackles* I felt sorry for the cleaners who had to clean up the mess we made in the kitchen!!! Drank champagne and white wine secretly with aileen, june and jm and the bar guys got drunk out back. Was pretty hilarious!!! You see all of them come out from the back with BRIGHT RED faces hahaha typical asians X) Congrats to justin who got off his face on just one bottle of cider!!! AHhAhA!!! Was a fun and sticky night! Had a good time =D Went to Kenny and Junes house after to drink with some other workmates and slept over since im still on mah P's =P Im glad 2008 was over. It was a year filled with a lot of bad luck. Im hopeful that 2009 shall lead me to brighter days =)

On another note, I went to Summa Dayze yesterday!!! My first rave!!! Started from 12 midday until 10 at night but i got there at almost 4, so just in time to see AVB get on stage *YAY* and stayed til the end. Pretty awesome tho had a gooddddddddddd timeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I didnt expect it to be so FREEKING MASSIVE!!! There were 2 stages and 2 tents all going off. Got to see Armin van Buuren (world no. 1 DJ i fink?), Calvin Harris, Ferry Corsten and Underworld. Got to see A LOT of tattoos, skanky chicks and fat hairy people. Underworld performed last on the main stage, and in the last couple of songs they inflated these huge tube things that changed colour and kept bending and going straight again (hard to explain) and the lat song was awesome since HEAPS of GINORMOUS white balloons got released into the crowd, like bigger than 1m in diameter!!! I REALLY REALLY REALLYYYY wanted to hit one, but everytime one got close people jumped before i could get it, but eventually one came my way again and i got to hit it!!! YEH BITCH!!! Random thing happened when i went to get some food. Got some satays and i was holding them and walking and i see this hand reach over the back of my shoulder and grab one, and i thought it was my friend so i didnt react. Turned around to realise was some gay ass bogan dude and my friend says WTF to him and fully starts giving him the evils. We walked into the chillout tent to look for people but saw they were outside already,and guess who we saw again? I was eating a satay and when i saw the prick i quickly ate it finished and slipped the stick in his back pocket. Thought about flicking satay sauce on him but im not that gangster, but DAMNNNNNNNNNNNN felt so goodddddddddddddd!!! >=) Yup, good times, good times X)

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