Saturday, June 13, 2009

Korean Food Night!!!

A few days ago, I decided to put my kimchi I bought a bazillion years ago to some use. So what better way, than to have a korean style dinner?!?! XD *YAY* I've been missing korean food so much (making AND eating) hehe... So on the menu was...

1. Entree: Chamchijeon (
Tuna Pancakes)
The BIG one in the right corner was about the size of ur hand and is the bf's MAN PANCAKE *sigh* He thought he would show me how to cook a "REAL" pancake *rolls eyes* SIF!!! Although i must admit it turned out pretty well =P

2. Mains: Kimchi Fried Rice and Bokkeum Gochujang (Beef Stirfry with Gochujang Marinade)
I roasted the rice on the bottom of the pan to get it nice and crispy! I love the crunch which is why dolsot bibimbap is equally as awesome! X)
I felt like eating beef that day and i need to start using up my huge tube of gochujang in the fridge ^^" Turned out pretty well XD even tho the pic doesnt do it justice =P

3. Banchan (Sidedish): Blanched zucchini ribbons
Just a simple banchan i found in the Korean Cookbook Lisa Weesa and Bae Yong Jun gave me for my bday <3 By then we were too full for dessert *sadface* but i think we did pretty well since nothing exploded or got burnt XD *YAY*

The bf eating the "man pancake" =___="

The happy cooking couple X) so sad this pic is blurry =( He was wearing my PJs so his white shirt wouldnt get dirty hehe...

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Mai said...

Awww i wanna taste your korean cooking!!! the man pancake should be called the 'mancake' haha lame.. you guys look so cute together!!!!Miss you truckloads, Love you heaps!! xoxoxo