Friday, March 14, 2008

black nails, sad eyes, slit wrists

Typical me decided to start her assignment at approximately 12:30 in the morning heh... heh... heh heh... ^^" and i FINALLY finish at 6:15am heh... heh... heh heh... and seeing as im supposed to wake up in 2 hours time ANIWAYS i might as well just STAY AWAKE and do something productive! Like google dbsk lyrics and find weird stuff on ebay heh... heh... heh heh... so doo dee doo dee doo~ its almost 8 and i finally realised i should have BLOGGED!!! ALAMAK!!! *slaps forhead* someone is a BIGGGG dumdum heh... heh... heh heh... OKAY ill stop with the laugh thats not really a laugh now... heh... heh... heh heh... right now! *big cheesy grin*

So these are the ONLY fotos that dont take 50 billion years to load cuz i took them with my mobile and YES people!!! Sadly they are 90% FEL heh... heh... heh heh... oh the vanity!!! When my net decides to be nice to me, ill post up the fotos that were taken with yee yang's camera ^^ So for the people who dont know, these fotos were from yee yang's GOTH PARTY!!! on the 9th of March at Heathcote. I went as a Gothic Lolita and ME... made... COSTUME *point point* in only 4 HOURS! *proud face* well... minus the 3 hours it took me to permanent marker the roses since noone sells black roses unless ur EMO and u know where to find them =P

So in the wise words of SESAME STREET: NEAR!!!
Yee Yang the SeXyLiCiOuS *wink*
SLIT my wrists now

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Mai said...

COOL COSTUMES DUDE!! LOVE IT!! haha i love your black tear!! miss ya1