Sunday, January 6, 2008

*[ Step into my 2008 ]*

The new year has already knocked on my door, kicked off its shoes and invited itself in without any hesitation and i say BRING IT ON BIACH!!! kekeke (oh hmmm excuse the language ^^") I've never really been able to feel the actual spirit of the new year, i've always just felt it was just like any other day, but its different this year... turning over a new leaf, laying down a new foundation... i feel it in my bones... i feel it in my heart... and it makes me want to change, to become something and to find my direction...

On new year's eve, i put on my silver glitter bowler hat and skipped off to work (well... wat can u do? =P)
- Expectations: just the usual... work... *meh*
Little did i know, what the night had installed!!! There was a live band singing all those old school songs (60s, 70s, etc.) that u dont really appreciate anymore until times like these, because in actual fact, its classics which never fail to leave even the most unsociable person toetapping to the catchy beat! ^^ Below the band was a dancefloor area which had been set up, and balloons littered the sky above us, while party hats, streamers, whistles and party poppers littered the tables below... the atmosphere was so alive, the energy of people's spirits and joy crackled through the air. Apart from apologising for not wanting to swap my super sexy silvery glitter bowler hat with the cone party hats that we gave to the guests, everything wasnt as hectic and crazy as i thought it would be, THANK GOD!!! As the time started to close onto midnight, you could feel everyone's anticipation for the new year. Watching everyone on the dancefloor, little kids dancing with each other, eldery couples dancing in each other's embrace, friends dancing in a circle busting-a-move... I think if life was a picture... this would've been it ^^ When the count down arrived, u could feel the suspense and when the second hand finally hit 12, out sprayed the champagne and the echo of laughter and cheer rattled though the building. Surrounded by overflowing happiness and warm human spirit, Ahhh!!! So this is what it's like to feel alive! I will never forget it ^^

These days, i feel like i'm running against time. I'm enjoying the race though, and although i'm starting to run out of time for myself, i feel its better this way. I can look beside myself and someone is running right along side me, and even when i've lost the energy to carry on, there's always someone next to me who will be my support until i've regained my strength. yi zhi, yi zhi, pei zhe wo. I like that feeling. The feeling of company, the feeling of not being so lonely, and the emptiness inside my heart is slowly beginning to fill again... I feel so grateful for all the people who have been running along side me, none of you will ever know just how much ^^ saranghae *does love heart shape with the arms*

With the new year has come old friends. With old friends has come a hint of nostalgia and a new beginning. I've missed all of you and thank you for finding the effort to find me when i couldnt find it in myself to look for you.

I've got a few new year's resolutions in mind, and i'll try my best to cross off all of them ^^ but for now, i can place my hands over my heart and feel the silent content its overflowing with. Im so happy and grateful, and to me, this is the best way to start off the new year.

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Mai said...

Happpy new year babe!!