Thursday, September 4, 2008

Twisted fate

This is not the life I ever wanted. To please my selfish heart was supposed to be all that lay towards my horizons and painted by the stars in the sky. That was my fate! So WHY? WHY am I living the fate of SOMEONE ELSE? In the end, I was not so smart, I was not so beautiful, and my selfish heart has become the root of my own demise…

Swept away by one momentary loss of all my senses, the taste of lust dripping from the corner of my mouth… Its recollection still sends a feverish tremble of ecstasy down my spine. I realize now I was never the king, I was a mere slave to my own selfish desires, a fool to follow the crumbs of self indulgence and now I must repent for my sins… Its cost me my life…

My soul carries only me. My heart holds only one. Now, I must make space for two… But how is that possible when my eyes can't see past my own reflection? This must be, must be, must be, must be, must must must be a dream, an accident… Things are different now, my life is not of my own, my actions speak for two, it’s all so strange… I ran away from responsibility but its finally caught up and bitten me in the ass! I CAN’T contemplate it, I DON'T understand and I DON’T want to share!!! But doesn’t matter what I think anymore… because I am not me, I am half the person I used to be…

Welcome to the world...








Oops!!! How on earth did that picture get there?!? Its okay guys!!! Meet my REAL baby... hahaha!!! *wink*

The moment of lust was referring to the impulsive moment I handed over my money for my lil baby Jun Ki X)

*RAwR* Im fat and lazy and im not afraid to use it!!!

This naughty bunbun likes to eat my hair and my clothes!!! AhHhHHhH!!!

I cant see!!! are you food?!? *squints*


Mai said...

OMGGGGG!!!!!!!! I WANTED A RABBIT!!!!!! hahah but i'm never home! SO CUTEEE!!!!!!!! I AM SO COMING OVER when i get my ass back in Perth lol.. I'm in Geraldton, i miss you heaps WE SO NEED TO CATCH UP it's been way too long!!! how r ya??? I LOVE YOUR RABBIT ..for a second i thought u were pregnant haha.. xoxoxox

NoeLLe said...

but such a pretty bunbunnie!!

FeLLi said...

HAhAHhAhaHhA!!! OMG IT WORKED!!! AwWwWWwWWwWw SOWWIES!!!!!! i bet i scared everyone for a second ^^" but damn i still fink its hilarioussssss!!! HAHAHhAhAHA *falls off chair*