Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Bonsai

So I heard about this new japanese place on Roe St in Northbridge called The Bonsai, the building with trees painted on the outside. I decided to try it out with the bf and it turned out to be pretty good and most importantly, different. Im so sick of eating the same food in different places just cuz Perth is so small, so noone needs to set themselves apart from the pack. The food is modern japanese fusion (i guess?) and is reasonably priced for us uni students with smaller (but more L337) wallets XD The menu consists of several types of sushi "with a modern twist" for around $8, a whole list of share plates ranging from $7 to $12 and only 3 mains, including teri chicken, teri steak and... salmon i think. It's the perfect place to get a decent and scrumptious snack before met-hoes or just to lounge around and chitchat over some cake. We found out it was Soon's classmate who owns the joint! Small world XD

We ordered 2 rounds of food (7 dishes and 2 slices of cake) cuz i have the appetite of a man ^^" We ordered smoked salmon and californian sushi rolls which were really good (They didnt skimp on the prawn in the cali roll which was awesome XD), Golden Crab Claws were okay but no "real" crab seemed to be in them, Teristeak = awesome, Cheesy pork katsu rolls, Tuna sashimi bites were not too bad and the takoyaki was... *meh* a little soggy but i guess if i've never had real ones fresh of the girdle i wouldn't know any better.

Pics of the food (I think I was too hungry so i didnt take much fotos):
Teri Steak was really yummy *drool*
Cheesy pork katsu rolls were pretty good but i think more cheese would've made it totally more awesome XD
Huggy S&P shakers! Reminds me of Bangkok XD
Green Tea Mouse Cake... i think... anihoos it was REALLY BAD... in a "block of gelatinous crap" kinda way XP
Some strawberry cake... i cant remember the name =P It was okayYyyYy but nothing amazing

Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's Britney BITCH!

So I've FINISHED EXAMS!!! WOOT!!! and I'm pretty sure that I've *touch wood* FINISHED MY DEGREE!!! XD It's time for celebration and i kicked it off with the Britney Circus concert!!! XD Hard to pass up getting the chance to see her when it only cost 50 smackeroos!!! So there has been heapsss of scathing reviews but here is my 2 cents worth (I went on the second night): The costumes were crazy fabulous, the props were damn awesome, Britney was looking pretty sexy and so was her dancing. I loved it and i dont get all the hype. The only thing missing was maybe some exotic looking animals but then the RSPCA might have jumped on Britney's ass too, so that's all understandable. She even sang a couple of songs and i was surprised she could actually sing. She also an effort to talk more to the audience and damn that lucky guy who practically got a lapdance from britney and 2 other dancers!!! I guess if i were one of the people who paid $200, i think i would have felt it was just worth my money cuz for that amount of money i'd like to see her for more than 1 and a half hours but i guess they have to cover the cost of all the swarovski studded bras and short skirts Britney wore somehow.

The Legendary Britney Spears:
Hit me baby one more time!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


You guys got the joke of the title right? XD If not... it's okay, some people just cant be as awesome as me EVER, EVER, EVER... =P teeheehee
Wow is has been uber long since i last blogged! Not to mention since i wrote up a proper entry O_o"
I guess this blog is the actual manifestation of procrastination since it's that awesome time we love to call *drumroll please* exam timeeeeee *cheesey grin and 2 thumbs up*. Yes... unfortunately... i made the stupid decision to tell the bf to CHANGE THE PASSWORD TO MY FACEBOOK!!! *bangs head on table, and then on wall and well u get the point* =______________=" Now i have to find some other way to procrastinate and since there are no new emails, i've checked every blog i've ever bookmarked and ran out of things i want to google... i am finding solace in the arms of my poor abandoned blog... Yes, because my ladies, your blog will always want u, not like those douchebags who say their yours forever one minute and are nowhere to be seen the next, but i digress... and that was just an imaginary chip on my shoulder btw! XD Yes, yes really! i love... men??? O___x"... okay man... okay wait... men... bf + dbsk = men *happy face*. Although... i hope the bf never ends up reading this or it may very well become a sad face. O_O"

Anihoos just ignore the thought process going on just then, i actually wanted to blog about something else! You know the moment you find a purpose for yourself? The moment you realise that you can make something of youself, and life no longer seems to start in the morning and end at night, but moves forward into the distance? I now realise it doesn't have to come in the form of a giant, life-altering BANG! The pivotal moment comes when u look inward and discover you had the potential all along. It was just wrapped up and waiting for you to open it. I have plans! It's nothing major, I've just found a use for myself and a place to divert my energy. For those who've already found their path, I can now say to them "I get it, I'll join your happy dance and Im so happy for you" because
right now, Im living on a high and its just so exciting!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Of late, I I've been feeling like the little ice floe that drifted too far from the others...

Now I'm melting into the middle of the ocean, disappearing without a trace...

Monday, June 15, 2009

little surprises

Sometimes things happen, those little surprises that pop up now and again in life, and however trivial it may seem, you find yourself wondering if there really is something out there. Something greater... That makes you believe that life itself is not simply a mere existance...
On the flipside, is it just people are lucky and coincidence is simply the lucky person being at the right place at the right time?

I look towards the sky and wonder... if anything is out there looking right back at me...

Like every other Sunday for the last month or so, I drag myself out of bed to make it to work by 8am. Last Sunday was no different, but during the lunch shift I ended up looking after this asian couple. The husband asked me the typical aunty/uncle questions:
1. Where you from?
2. What you study?
3. How long have you been working here?
They were very nice and seemed unfazed by my awesome broken chinese during our polite chitchats, and when they left I thought it was the end. Lunch shift ended and in the evening one of my favourite supervisors took over. I mentioned to her that I missed working with her and to my surprise she asked me to work the night shift as well. I needed the money and have no life either so I did =P. Dinner was pretty crappy. We were a few men down and as I was busy scurrying from table to table I hear someone call my chinese name. Looking around, I see the couple again but this time they brought company. We didn't get to talk much since it was so busy, but lo and behold, I saw them again last night. This time the husband introduced me to his daughter... and the calibre or my chinese wasn't able to figure out how the guy stiiling with them was related to him, but he said son... so... maybe son-in-law? *sigh* epic fail... They weren't part of the tables I was serving though and it was so busy I wasn't able to serve them much even if i wanted to. It was getting late and before they were leaving the husband called me over to the table. He told me he had booked a room in the Holiday Inn but had to leave already but the official checkout time was 12 the next day, so if i wanted I could stay in there over night because the extra night was paid for (took me a while to understand what he was saying *sigh again*) but WHAT!??!?! That was unexpected O.o" I said no, but then wife joined in with the convincing so I gave in and took the room keys. I have to say it was awesome but weird at the same time? He gave me name and number just incase, and I admit I took delight in telling everyone I got picked up by an old guy and he wanted me to go to his room after work *wiggles eyebrows* hehehe... I did take him up on his offer though. I called a few of the workmates to join me for a few drinks up there until 3:30, when we were all getting super tired since a few of us only had 3 hours sleep the night before, including me =P They left and I decided to stay the night even though I still felt weird:
1. Im still P plater *le sigh*
3. I love hotel beds and pillows!
4. I was too tired to drive... and knowing me and my driving record...
5. Didnt want to trouble peoples to drive me home since they dont live that close to me
6. No one could stay the night with me cuz the bf has work so couldnt go, and the only other girl went home with her bf of course ="( oh welllllllllllll

All I can say is, good things really do happen when you least expect them to... hahaha... ^^"

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Korean Food Night!!!

A few days ago, I decided to put my kimchi I bought a bazillion years ago to some use. So what better way, than to have a korean style dinner?!?! XD *YAY* I've been missing korean food so much (making AND eating) hehe... So on the menu was...

1. Entree: Chamchijeon (
Tuna Pancakes)
The BIG one in the right corner was about the size of ur hand and is the bf's MAN PANCAKE *sigh* He thought he would show me how to cook a "REAL" pancake *rolls eyes* SIF!!! Although i must admit it turned out pretty well =P

2. Mains: Kimchi Fried Rice and Bokkeum Gochujang (Beef Stirfry with Gochujang Marinade)
I roasted the rice on the bottom of the pan to get it nice and crispy! I love the crunch which is why dolsot bibimbap is equally as awesome! X)
I felt like eating beef that day and i need to start using up my huge tube of gochujang in the fridge ^^" Turned out pretty well XD even tho the pic doesnt do it justice =P

3. Banchan (Sidedish): Blanched zucchini ribbons
Just a simple banchan i found in the Korean Cookbook Lisa Weesa and Bae Yong Jun gave me for my bday <3 By then we were too full for dessert *sadface* but i think we did pretty well since nothing exploded or got burnt XD *YAY*

The bf eating the "man pancake" =___="

The happy cooking couple X) so sad this pic is blurry =( He was wearing my PJs so his white shirt wouldnt get dirty hehe...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

In other news...

Guess where IMMMMMMMMMMMM OFF to after exams!!! TEEHEEHEE!!! (pic a bit small... might have to squint... or just read on hehe ^^")
Leg 1 of the journey:
Leg 2 of the Journey:

I feel sowwie for my bank account... it has taken a beating for some time... *sigh* but... Guess where im off to in August... or 2 weeks later when i get back from banging-kok =P

Im off to melbourne to see David Copperfield!!! I LOVE MAGIC/ILLUSIONS!!! It captivated me from very young... *sigh* my dream job!!! ITS GONNA BE TOTALLY AWESOME!!! U noe who else is awesome? For some strange reason... I reckon Criss Angel is HAWT O.o" hehe... Maybe it's my penchant for guys with magic hands... tee hee hee